@colinodell colinodell released this Feb 17, 2015 · 620 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Now with 50% more speed!


  • More unit tests to increase code coverage


  • Enabled the InlineParserEngine to parse several non-special characters at once (performance boost)
  • NewlineParser no longer attempts to parse spaces; look-behind is used instead (major performance boost)
  • Moved closeUnmatchedBlocks into its own class
  • Image and link elements now extend AbstractInlineContainer; label data is stored via $inlineContents instead
  • Renamed AbstractInlineContainer::$inlineContents and its getter/setter


  • Removed the InlineCollection class
  • Removed the unused ArrayCollection::splice() method
  • Removed impossible-to-reach code in Cursor::advanceToFirstNonSpace
  • Removed unnecessary test from the InlineParserEngine
  • Removed unnecessary/unused RegexHelper::getMainRegex() method