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@colinodell colinodell released this 01 May 19:03

Please see for important information about this release and the upcoming 2.0.0 version.


  • Added forward-compatibility for configuration options which will be changing in 2.0:
    • commonmark/enable_em (currently enable_em in 1.x)
    • commonmark/enable_strong (currently enable_strong in 1.x)
    • commonmark/use_asterisk (currently use_asterisk in 1.x)
    • commonmark/use_underscore (currently use_underscore in 1.x)
    • commonmark/unordered_list_markers (currently unordered_list_markers in 1.x)
    • mentions/*/prefix (currently mentions/*/symbol in 1.x)
    • mentions/*/pattern (currently mentions/*/regex in 1.x)
    • max_nesting_level (currently supports int and float values in 1.x; will only support int in 2.0)
  • Added new MarkdownConverter class for creating converters with custom environments; this replaces the previously-deprecated Converter class
  • Added new RegexHelper::matchFirst() method
  • Added new Configuration::exists() method


  • The max_nesting_level option now defaults to PHP_INT_MAX instead of INF


  • Deprecated the configuration options shown above
  • Deprecated the ability to pass a custom Environment into the constructors of CommonMarkConverter and GithubFlavoredMarkdownConverter; use MarkdownConverter instead
  • Deprecated ConfigurableEnvironmentInterface::setConfig(); use mergeConfig() instead
  • Deprecated calling ConfigurableEnvironmentInterface::mergeConfig() without any parameters
  • Deprecated calling Configuration::get() and EnvironmentInterface::getConfig() without any parameters
  • Deprecated calling Configuration::set() without the second $value parameter
  • Deprecated RegexHelper::matchAll(); use RegexHelper::matchFirst() instead
  • Deprecated extending the ArrayCollection class; will be marked final in 2.0


  • Fixed missing check for empty arrays being passed into the unordered_list_markers configuration option