A wrapper around faker for factory muffin
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Factory Muffin Faker 2.0

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The goal of this package is to wrap Faker to make it super easy to use with Factory Muffin.

Note that this library does not actually require Factory Muffin in order to work, so may be used else where too. The whole point of this library is to wrap Faker in closures so the actual generation can be executed at a later point.


PHP 5.4+ and Composer are required.

In your composer.json, simply add "league/factory-muffin-faker": "^2.0" to your "require-dev" section:

    "require-dev": {
        "league/factory-muffin-faker": "^2.0"


Documentation coming soon.


Please check out our contribution guidelines for details.


Factory Muffin Faker is a wrapper around Faker to make it super easy to use with Factory Muffin, and is currently maintained by Graham Campbell. Thank you to all our wonderful contributors too.


Factory Muffin Faker is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).