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@reinink reinink released this
· 241 commits to master since this release
  • Large refactor for improve code organization. Many classes moved and renamed.
  • Changed league/flysystem dependency to version 1.x. Nice work @frankdejonge!
  • Responses will now return 304 Not Modified on subsequent requests. #20
  • Added new source path prefix option to Server, with setSourcePathPrefix() and getSourcePathPrefix() methods. #26
  • Added new cache path prefix option to Server, with setCachePathPrefix() and getCachePathPrefix() methods. #26
  • Added new source_path_prefix and cache_path_prefix options to ServerFactory. #26
  • Added new FilesystemException\FilesystemException exception, and additional file system checks.
  • Changed manipulators to return an instance of Intervention\Image\Image. This allows for more rigorous manipulations to occur. #25
  • Updated output manipulator to use source format when format is not set or invalid. Previously this was set to jpg by default. #24
  • Renamed server method getSourceFilename() to getSourcePath(), and getCacheFilename() to getCachePath().
  • Removed $baseUrl parameter from the Server constructor. Use setBaseUrl() method instead.