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I suggest to add a Extension.md file to index the open source extensions developped by communauty.

I can suggest a pull-request if the idea seems pertinent.

Good week.

reinink commented Dec 27, 2014

Hey Robin, thanks for the suggestion! I like the idea, although do we have enough viable extensions developed yet? We could also add any framework service providers. Maybe we could start by adding a list on this ticket, and see how many we come up with?

Thanks for your interest in this project! 👍


Yes Good Idea.

Laravel Provider :

Attributes Rendering :

It could be intersting to add a link to this page in the README.


I've just released, what i've labeled "Advanced Assets". I wanted, for a project the ability to have assets run in a similar way to templates with the fallback ability but without releasing the full theme folder URLs or having PHP process them.
Works by symlinking the found assets to a more web accessible directory so the browser can still process rather then having PHP do it or having the ugly urls.
So it could take an asset from example.com/themes/my-sites-theme/assets/css/site.css and symlink it to example.com/assets/css/site.css.


Hopefully the readme covers everything, was also a project for me to learn unit testing, something i've been meaning to do for the past 6 / 7 years, so hopefully the tests are decent! Aside from the two methods that deal with symlinking (afte research, seems there's no real way to unit test symlinks), every other method should be covered!

Feedback would be much appreciated, not just on the package, but the unit tests as well given it was my first attempt.

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