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File System Extension for Audit.NET library.

Generate Audit Logs by intercepting file system events via FileSystemWatcher.

Audit.FileSystem provides the infrastructure to create audit logs from the file system events, like creating, renaming, modifying or deleting files and directories. It relies on FileSystemWatcher class to intercept the events, so the same limitations applies.


NuGet Package

To install the package run the following command on the Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package Audit.FileSystem

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To enable the audit log for a directory, create an instance of FileSystemMonitor clas, and call its Start() method:

var fsMon = new Audit.FileSystem.FileSystemMonitor(@"c:\");
fsMon.Options.IncludeSubdirectories = true;

Or by using the FileSystemMonitorOptions to provide the configuration:

var fsMon = new Audit.FileSystem.FileSystemMonitor(new FileSystemMonitorOptions()
    Path = @"c:\",
    IncludeSubdirectories = true,
    Filter = "*.txt",
    IncludeContentPredicate = fi => fi.Length <= 1024 ? FileSystem.ContentType.Text : FileSystem.ContentType.None,
    CustomFilterPredicate = e => !e.FullPath.StartsWith("$RECYCLE.BIN")                    


The FileSystemMonitorOptions class include the following settings:


  • Path: The path of the directory to monitor.


  • EventTypeName: A string that identifies the event type. Default is "[{type}] {name}". Can contain the following placeholders:
    • {type}: replaced with the event type (Change, Rename, Create or Delete)
    • {name}: replaced with the file/directory name
    • {path}: replaced with the full file/directory path
  • IncludeSubdirectories: To indicate if the subdirectories of the provided Path should be monitored. Default is false.
  • IncludedEventTypes: A list indicating the event types (Change, Rename, Create or Delete) that should be included on the audit. Default is NULL meaning all the event types will be logged.
  • Filter: The filter string used to determine what files are monitored. Default is "*.*"
  • CustomFilterPredicate: Allows to filter events with a custom function that given a file event, returns true if the entry should be logged and false otherwise. Default includes all the files satisfying the provided Filter string.
  • IncludeContentPredicate: Allows to determine if the file contents should be included in the log with a custom function that given a file event, returns a ContentType indicating whether the contents should be included as a string (Text), as a byte array (Binary) or not included (None). By default content is not included.
  • NotifyFilters: The notify filters. Default is DirectoryName | FileName | LastAccess | LastWrite.
  • IgnoreMD5: To indicate if the MD5 computation should be ignored. By default the MD5 hash of the file is included on the log.
  • InternalBufferSize: Gets or sets the size (in bytes) of the internal buffer.
  • AuditDataProvider: To indicate the Audit Data Provider to use. Default is NULL to use the globally configured data provider.
  • CreationPolicy: To indicate the event creation policy to use. Default is NULL to use the globally configured creation policy.


Audit.FileSystem output includes:

  • Execution time.
  • Environment information.
  • File/Directory name, attributes and properties
  • File MD5 hash (optional)
  • File contents (optional)

Output Details

The following table describes the Audit.FileSystem output fields:


Describes an event from the file system.

Field Name Type Description
Object FileSystemObjectType Indicates the object type: File, Directory or Unknown
Event FileSystemEventType The file system event type: Create, change, Rename or Delete
Errors string Any error encountered when processing the file/directory
Attributes string The file/directory attributes
Name string The file/directory name
OldName string In case of rename, the old file/directory name
Extension string The file extension including the point
FullPath string The full path to the file/directory
Length long The file length in bytes
CreationTime datetime The file/directory creation date and time
LastAccessTime datetime The file/directory last access date and time
LastWriteTime datetime The file/directory last write date and time
ReadOnly boolean Value indicating if the file is read only
MD5 boolean The MD5 hash of the file
FileContent FileContent The file contents when included


Represents the contents of an audited file.

Field Name Type Description
Type ContentType The content type: Text or Binary
Value string/byte array The string (text) or byte array (binary) with the file contents

Output Sample

File creation:

  "EventType": "[Created] file.txt",
  "Environment": {
    "UserName": "Federico",
    "MachineName": "HP",
    "DomainName": "HP",
    "Culture": "en-US"
  "StartDate": "2017-11-26T23:01:44.5567169-06:00",
  "EndDate": "2017-11-26T23:01:44.5567169-06:00",
  "Duration": 0,
  "FileSystemEvent": {
    "Object": "File",
    "Event": "Create",
    "Attributes": "Archive",
    "Name": "file.txt",
    "Extension": ".txt",
    "FullPath": "c:\\Users\\Federico\\Documents\\file.txt",
    "Length": 694,
    "CreationTime": "2017-11-26T23:01:11.750589-06:00",
    "LastAccessTime": "2017-11-26T23:01:11.750589-06:00",
    "LastWriteTime": "2017-11-26T23:01:11.7515849-06:00",
    "MD5": "ddc032e5fe9bb3aa15144cdc35d959c5"

File renaming

  "EventType": "[Renamed] renamed.txt",
  "Environment": {
    "UserName": "Federico",
    "MachineName": "HP",
    "DomainName": "HP",
    "Culture": "en-US"
  "StartDate": "2017-11-26T23:01:37.8409103-06:00",
  "EndDate": "2017-11-26T23:01:37.8409103-06:00",
  "Duration": 0,
  "FileSystemEvent": {
    "Object": "File",
    "Event": "Rename",
    "OldName": "file.txt",
    "Name": "renamed.txt",
    "Extension": ".txt",
    "FullPath": "c:\\Users\\Federico\\Documents\\renamed.txt"

IO Exception:

  "EventType": "[Created] tmpFC2D.tmp",
  "Environment": {
    "UserName": "Federico",
    "MachineName": "HP",
    "DomainName": "HP",
    "Culture": "en-US"
  "StartDate": "2017-11-26T23:01:03.7363727-06:00",
  "EndDate": "2017-11-26T23:01:03.7363727-06:00",
  "Duration": 0,
  "FileSystemEvent": {
    "Object": "File",
    "Event": "Create",
    "Errors": [
      "IOException when getting file attributes: Could not find file 'c:\\Users\\Federico\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\tmpFC2D.tmp'."
    "Name": "tmpFC2D.tmp",
    "Extension": ".tmp",
    "FullPath": "c:\\Users\\Federico\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\tmpFC2D.tmp"
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