Nextpost 3 FAQ

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Recurring payments are only available for the Stripe.


  • Very Fast: 5 request/hour
  • Fast: 4 request/hour
  • Medium: 3 request/hour
  • Slow: 2 request/hour
  • Very Slow: 1 request/hour
  • Auto: from 1 req/2-hours to 5 req/hour

OPEN SOURCE and Extending the script:

The source code are open and well structured. Customers can make any changes in the script for their own use.

How easy to add new language?

It’s very easy. After buying the script, create a new support ticket at and will send you all details for adding new language.


FFMPEG and FFPROBE are standalone softwares which must be installed on your server. This is not PHP ffmpeg module. These softwares are required for only video posts.

FFMPEG/FFPROBE is installed, but still not able to post the videos?

First of all check user permissions on Users page in the script. If the user has permission for the video posts, then most probably FFMPEG/FFPROBE is not installed on the global path on your server. In this case you should ask your hosting provider for the path of ffmpeg then update the values of FFMPEGBIN and FFPROBEBIN constants in /app/config/config.php file.

Also make sure that, PHP exec() and hell_exec() functions are enabled. Still getting error? Check error messages section or contact us.


You can upload up to 10 files to the script at one time. It’s possible to increase this number, but it’s not recommended. You can post up to 10 images to the Instagram as a single album post. But you can not publish multiple posts at a time. You have to publish/schedule all posts one by one.


Modules are extra features to add to the main Nextpost Instagram script. They are something similar to Wordpress plugins. Modules are not included in the main Nextpost script. They are being sold as an additional products on Codecanyon.

Are modules risky?

Modules have several speed options to send a requests to the Instagram. High speeds might be risky. We only recommend selecting the "Auto" speed. Modules are something like Instagram bots, so yes, they might be risky. We've developed these modules, because we get high amount of requests for such modules. If you're going to use these modules please consider that, we're not responsible for any issues related to Instagram accounts. Everybody should use these modules in his/her responsibility.

Are all modules risky?

No. Modules is not only for creating Instagram automation tools. It’s also possible to add new payment gateways as a module (after v3.0.3). It’s also possible to build other features with modules.

Can I build a module by myself?

Yes, definitely. You can also sell your module on Codecanyon.

Is there any documentation for the module development?

We’ll release a new documentation for the module development soon.

How can I get an info about the discounts?

You can subscribe to our mailing list. We’ll send you a notification mail when we discount the item prices.

I have a Regular License. Is it possible to upgrade it to Extended?

If you buy the Extended License in first 30 days after buying the Regular License, we can refund your money for the Regular License. This is the only way to upgrade the license.

I’ve bought the regular license few month ago. Can I upgrade now?

No, unfortunately. You have to buy new Extended License.

My support extension has been expired. What should I do?

Even if your support extension is expired, you’ll be able to get all updates for free. But we don’t guarantee to answer your questions. So if you need to a support from us, you should renew your support extension.


Regular license is something like self use. You cannot charge your users with Regular license. If you want to charge your user to use this app then, you have to buy Extended License. In other words, if you want to use PayPal or Stripe features of the app then Extended License is required. We don’t give any support for the PayPal and Stripe integrations with Regular License. Please consider that, misusing the license might end with the complete termination of your license.

Do you offer customization?

Yes, we offer customization to the app. But depending on the workload we might not be available for the customization.

Is it possible to use the script as SaaS?

Yes, it’s possible. You need to buy the Extended License for SaaS.


You can find script requirements at


We recommend Digital Ocean servers. Our demo is also on DO servers. You can start with their $5/month plan then increase your server limits as your user base grows. It's a VPS, you'll have a full control on the server, but you have to setup your server before installing the script. If you don’t know how to setup the VPS, we can offer you our full server setup service.


We offer two kind of installation service:

  1. Script installation ($25)
  2. Full VPS setup service for Digital Ocean servers. ($150)

Note: We're not available to get new order for the installation service right now. Please contact us for more details.


Script installation service costs $25 and includes the installation of Nextpost script and configuring the necessary cron task for post scheduling. This service doesn't include installation of missing PHP modules and FFMPEG/FFPROBE which is only required for video posts.


This service costs $150 and includes:

  • Creation of new droplet on DigitalOcean (if you've not created yet). We'll create a Droplet with Ubuntu 16.04.
  • Installation of Apache
  • PHP 7.0 with necessary modules
  • MySQL
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Configuration DNS for your domain.
  • Clean installation of the Nextpost v3.0
  • Configuring cron task
  • Free SSL
  • Installation of FFMPEG and FFPROBE

Do you use official Instagram API?

We’re not using the official Instagram API which is available on Instagram Developer Center. It’s very limited API. So we use different API. On the backend, script behaves like official Android app of the Instagram. This script is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Instagram or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.


Cron task is required for post scheduling and for some modules. If your server doesn’t support cron task, then you can use external cron task services.

Do RTL languages supported?

No probably. We’ve not tested any RTL language.

Can you customize the script for RTL languages?

No unfortunately.

Do plan for the auto repeat post option?

No, we believe that such a feature might be cause of the spamming.

Does script resize the videos automatically?

Not yet, but we’re planning to add this feature soon.

Are you planning to release similar script for the Facebook?

Similar script for the Facebook is in our plan. But we’re not able to give any ETA any other exact info about such a script yet.

Which framework is being used?

It’s a custom PHP framework which is developed especially for this script. The source code is open and well structured.

I want to disable landing page. What should I do?

Please check the comments in /index.php There are some special comments exactly for disabling the landing page.

Wordpress version?

We've not decided many things for the WP version yet. So unfortunately I'm not able to give ETA or any other exact info about the WP version.

Legal Note

We’re not using the official Instagram API which is available on Instagram Developer Center as it’s very limited. So we are using a different API. On the backend, the script behaves like the official Android app of the Instagram. We have taken all security measures to reduce the ban rate. If you don't publish spammy posts or don't try to send massive amount of the requests to the Instagram from the same account, there shouldn't be any problem. This script is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Instagram or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

Hi, how many accounts can be used in regular license?

Script doesn't set any limit. But you should consider that, it's NOT permitted to charge the end users for using the script with Regular License. It you can to use the script as a paid service, you have to buy the Extended License. Misusing the script might end with the complete termination of the license without any warning. As an admin you can include your own proxy list for your end users. You can also give an option to your users to include their own proxy addressed while they add their accounts to the script.


We regularly do big discount campaigns. Campaigns are being announced at least 24 hours before it happens. Discounts are only for new sales which means that you cannot refund your license to buy again in the discount durations, or you cannot refund your regular license to upgrade to the Extended License during the discount campaign. Of course you’re always free to buy a new license at any time.

GMail SMTP Settings:

For the gmail you should use following data:

- SMTP Server:     
- Port: 587    
- Encryption: TLS     
- Auth username: your gmail address     
- Auth pass: your gmail password      
- From:  your gmail address

Possible reasons of the SMTP issues:

  • SMTP can be blocked in WHM
  • It could be a DNS problem
  • Connection blocked by Firewall
  • Blocking outbound SMTP over IPv6 in some servers (ex: Digital Ocean)

"Feedback Required" error in modules

"Feedback required" means Instagram says that you are spamming. Possible reasons:

  • You are trying to do things too fast (such as spammer-actions: liking / following lots of random people in a very short time interval).
  • The proxy/ip you are using is blocked by Instagram as a "spammer proxy/ip".

Best solution is to pause the module for few days and use official instagram app. It's recommended to do some actions (ex: change profile pic, update info, post etc.) in official app and/or official site in these days. But this solution is not 100% efficient.

This error message comes directly from the Instagram. It's not related to the script. As we always inform users, high speeds are risky. We're not responsible for any issue related to the instagram accounts.

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