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Automate and simplify the process of making reports of contests hosted by the IIITV CodeChef Campus Chapter
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Automate and simplify the process of making reports of contests hosted by IIITV CodeChef Campus Chapter

Inspiration 💡

The work of creating CodeChef contest reports after the contest is rather boring and repetitive. One needed to open the contest page and copy-paste the content to make a post of the contest report for Social Media. As this work could be automated using web scraping, I decided to make this script.

This repository can be used for making the contest report of any other contest (except Long Chllenges, Cook-Offs and Lunchtimes and other such contests for now) by changing the template as per requirement.

How to Use? 😀

Running this script requires Google Chrome to run Selenium. Make sure to have Google Chrome installed before going to the next steps.

  • Clone the repository $ git clone
  • Create a virtual environment (click here to learn about Virtual Environment)
virtualenv env
  • Activate virtual environment (On macOS and Linux)
source env/bin/activate
  • Activate virtual environment (On Windows)
  • Install requirements
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Download the version of Chrome Driver as per your Google Chrome version from

  • Add the path of the downloaded Chrome Driver to line no. 31 of

  • Run the script using python3 and enter the contest link, and the contest type in the prompt that follows. The posts generated would be saved in the posts folder.

NOTE: All the scripts are written in Python 3. So, make sure to use the appropriate version of pip and python.

Known Issues

  • On some contest pages, there may be empty tags in-between strings (like empty <strong> tags between '3' and 'hours' in contest duration) due to which insted of '3 hours', it may save only '3' in the duration variable.


MIT License

Made with ❤ by Pushkar Patel

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