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POSTing to API with query in the request body is returning no response #5

paulspringett opened this Issue · 4 comments

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This line in lib/eventbright/main.rb (

response = API.do_post("/#{function}", :body => opts)

fails to return a response. Changing it to use query parameters like this:

response = API.do_post("/#{function}", :query => opts)

works though.

I'm using version 0.2.3 with ruby 1.9.2p180


This is possibly related to the HTTParty version (those opts are passed through to HTTParty post) what gem version is that?


@therabidbanana our Gemfile.lock has:

httparty (0.7.7)
  crack (= 0.1.8)

Is seems odd to send a POST instead of a GET request for retrieving data from an API. Is there a good reason for it in this case?



Honestly, I'm not sure there is a good reason. I haven't dealt with the eventbrite api for well over a year. I wouldn't be surprised if the initial reason was that Eventbrite's api was broken and only allowed POST requests. When I started this gem their API was in pretty sad shape. It's since been substantially improved, but I haven't kept up with the updates since I only needed this gem for a small project that abandoned all eventbrite integration anyway.

Maybe what happened is they changed their api a bit so that it doesn't support POSTs in the way I initially wrote. They have a more up to date client available at which is probably safer to use moving forward (since it's maintained by one of their developers), but I'll take a look into fixing this issue and maybe cleaning up this code a bit.


Thanks for the reply. Their API has certainly been "interesting" to work with! I may move over to using the other ruby client at some point when time allows.

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