Generate a responsive CSS3 and HTML5 resume with Markdown, with optional PDF output.
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Many thanks to @sklose for sharing this.

Markdown Resume Generator Build Status

Convert markdown to HTML and PDF resumes

Turn a simple Markdown document into an elegant resume with both a perfect pdf printable format, and a responsive css3 html5 file. You can view a sample at the blog post for the project.


  • Multiple styles to choose from: modern, blockish, unstyled, readable, swissen (Fork and add more!)
  • PDF generation via wkhtmltopdf
  • Responsive design for multiple device viewport sizes
  • Simple Markdown formatting
  • Single file deployment (no external stylesheets)
  • You can now version control and branch your resume.


There is no installation or need to run composer. Just download and run the phar file:

    ./bin/md2resume html examples/source/ examples/output/
    ./bin/md2resume pdf examples/source/ examples/output/


Markdown Resume Generator version 2.0.10 by Craig Davis

  [options] command [arguments]

  --help           -h Display this help message.
  --quiet          -q Do not output any message.
  --verbose        -v|vv|vvv Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug
  --version        -V Display this application version.
  --ansi              Force ANSI output.
  --no-ansi           Disable ANSI output.
  --no-interaction -n Do not ask any interactive question.

Available commands:
  help         Displays help for a command
  html         Generate an HTML resume from a markdown file
  list         Lists commands
  pdf          Generate a PDF from a markdown file
  selfupdate   Updates md2resume.phar to the latest version.
  stats        Generate a word frequency analysis of your resume
  templates    List available templates
  version      Show current version information


Choose a template with the -t option.

`./bin/md2resume html --template blockish examples/source/ examples/output/`

If you want to edit your markdown resume in your editor while watching it update in your browser, run this command:

`watch ./bin/md2resume html --refresh yes --template modern examples/source/ examples/output/`

This makes the build script run periodically, and html document will refresh every two seconds via a meta tag. Open the ./examples/ouput/sample.html file in your browser, and then just save your markdown document when you want to see a fresh preview.

For information about running this inside a Docker container, please read Issue 46 where Sebastian Klose has shared his approach.

Authoring Your Resume

Markdown is limited to basic html markup. Follow the examples/source/ file as a guideline. This file includes various headers and several nested elements. This allows us to construct a semantic HTML document for the resume, and then use CSS rules to display a nicely formatted resume. Note that because we have very few ways to nest or identify elements that many of the css rules are based on descendant and adjacent selectors.

PLEASE NOTE: The templates are compiled into the phar archive in the ./bin folder. If you intend to edit the templates or add new ones, you'll need to run this application in the dev mode. See below for more information about doing this.

Feature Development

The application is deployed as a compiled phar file. In order to add new commands, you'll need to first install the dependencies:

  • composer install

After that, you can run the md2resume_dev.php file from the command line.

Building a Release

  1. Tag the repo with the new build number. This will be picked up for both the version file used by the self update command and placed into the phar file.
  2. Run pake build.
  3. Push both the tag and the code.

Check out the pake tooling for more information about the build. Pake will be installed to ./vendor/bin/pake. So for instance a complete phar file build looks like ./vendor/bin/pake build.


The initial inspiration is from the Sample Resume Template. However, no HTML from that project has been used in this. General layout has been reused, and media queries have been added. It's a nice template, and if you are a more comfortable with html than markdown, you should use it.


  • 2.0.10 : Updated spacing in moder template with commites from @501st-alpha1
  • 2.0.9 : Updated Modern template with improved spacing. Update parsing of --template option to close issue #7
  • 2.0.8 : New readable theme contributed by @ahmadnazir, minor refactor to support a /links directory
  • 2.0.7 : Update composer to use sunra/php-simple-html-dom-parser this appears to be better maintained and more popular to close #27
  • 2.0.6 : Fix empty template list from phar file to close #24
  • 2.0.5 : Remove default value for the --refresh option to close #22
  • 2.0.4 : Fix path resolution problem with absolute paths to close #16
  • 2.0.3 : Add optional duration to the --refresh option to close #15
  • 2.0.2 : Add new dependency check for mbstring to close #20
  • 2.0.1 : Add new swissen template with Helvetica styling @beautifulcode
  • 2.0.0 : Complete rewrite with the symfony console component. Deployment is now done with a compiled phar file, and development dependencies are managed with composer.
  • 0.9.0 : Add composer and update README with new changelog
  • 0.8.8 : Add Chinese text example @ishitcno1
  • 0.8.7 : Update pdf formatting of the modern template @roleary
  • 0.8.6 : Fix output path @abhikandoi2000
  • 0.8.5 : Fix issue #2
  • 0.8.4 : Correct chmod and add parameter for output directory @kevinxucs
  • 0.8.2 : Update build script and add refresh command option
  • 0.8.1 : Updating formatting of initial templates
  • 0.8 : Initial Release to Public