Load and save cookies within your React application



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Load, save and remove cookies on the browser or Node.js


npm install react-cookie --save

Isomorphic cookies!

To be able to access user cookies while doing server-rendering, you can use plugToRequest or setRawCookie.


load(name, [doNotParse])

Load the cookie value.

Returns undefined if the cookie does not exist.
Deserialize any cookie starting with { or [ unless dotNotParse is true.


Find all the cookies with a name that match the regex.

Returns an object with the cookie name as the key.

save(name, val, [options])

Set a cookie

remove(name, [options])

Remove a cookie

plugToRequest(req, res): unplug()

Load the user cookies so you can do server-rendering and match the same result.
Also send back to the user the new cookies.
Work with connect or express.js by using the cookieParser middleware first.
Use const unplug = plugToRequest(req, res) just before your renderToString.

Returns unplug() function so it stops setting cookies on the response.


Load the user cookies so you can do server-rendering and match the same result.
Use setRawCookie(headers.cookie) just before your renderToString.
Make sure it is the raw string from the request headers.


Support all the cookie options from the RFC 6265.


cookie path
Use / as the path if you want your cookie to be accessible on all pages.


absolute expiration date for the cookie (Date object)


relative max age of the cookie from when the client receives it (seconds)


domain for the cookie
Use https://*.yourdomain.com if you want to access the cookie in all your subdomains.


Is only accessible through HTTPS? true or false


Is only the server can access the cookie? true or false


import { Component } from 'react';
import cookie from 'react-cookie';

import LoginPanel from './LoginPanel';
import Dashboard from './Dashboard';

export default class MyApp extends Component {
  componentWillMount() {
    this.state =  { userId: cookie.load('userId') };

  onLogin(userId) {
    this.setState({ userId });
    cookie.save('userId', userId, { path: '/' });

  onLogout() {
    cookie.remove('userId', { path: '/' });

  render() {
    if (!this.state.userId) {
      return <LoginPanel onSuccess={this.onLogin.bind(this)} />;

    return <Dashboard userId={this.state.userId} />;


This project is under the MIT license. You are free to do whatever you want with it.