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AttributeMapper provides a transparent interface for mapping symbolic representations to a column in the database of a more primitive type. For example, rather than hardcoding values like 1 or 2 to represent that a Ticket model's status column is "open" or "closed" you would create the following mapping:

class Ticket < ActiveRecord::Base
  include AttributeMapper
  map_attribute :status, :to => {:open => 1, :closed => 2}

You can now get and set the status column symbolically:

ticket.status = :open
ticket.status # => :open

Internally, the integer 1 will be stored in the database.

An authoritative list of the mapping is available as a class method which is the pluralized version of the attribute:

Ticket.statuses # => {:open => 1, :closed => 2}

The primitive values of the mapping can always be used to assign the column, though the getter for the attribute will always return the higher level symbolic representation.

ticket.status = 1
ticket.status # => :open


Marcel Molina, Jr., Bruce Williams and Adam Keys

Released under the MIT License (see LICENSE).