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Feature flippers are nifty.
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Inspired by James Golick's rollout, brollout makes it easy to turn features on and off in your application. You can disable a feature if you need to run a site in degraded mode, you can turn a feature on for a percentage of your users, or you can ramp a feature up by percentage of requests when you're testing new infrastructure.

This is just a sketch. Don't rage me, bro.

Bro! Show me that code

# Store feature flags in Redis
Brollout.adapter =

$friend_finder = Brollout.feature(:friend_finder, :on_off)
$new_cache = Brollout.feature(:new_cache, :per_request_percentage)

Brollout.register_strategy(:custom) do |user|
  user.admin? || per_user_percentage(user)

$better_sharing = Brollout.feature(:better_sharing, :custom)

$simple = Brollout.feature(:simple, :on_off,

if $
  # Do friend finder things
  # Do something else


if $
  # Use the new cache
  # Use the old cache


if $
  # Show the new feature
  # Show the old feature

Bro, how do I toggle and can I toggle my own toggle?

Brollout ships with the following toggle strategies:

  • On/off
  • Random percentage
  • Per object ID
  • Object ID modulo

In addition, you can implement your own toggle strategies by using the register_strategy:

Brollout.register_strategy(:custom) do |user|
  user.admin? || per_user_percentage(user)

Pretty snazzy, no?

Bro, you can stick it wherever you stick things

Brollout ships with adapters to store feature flags in per-process memory, memcached, redis, or wherever it is you like to store things. Adapters implement the following contract:


Bro, can I license that thing?

Yep! Brollout is copyright 2011 Adam Keys. Brollout is MIT licensed, so go crazy, bro.

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