Chronologic: activity feeds as a service.
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IMPORTANT Chronologic has been end-of-life'd. It's no longer in production, but it's still an OK piece of software. Would you like to know more?

Chronologic: You put your feeds in it

Chronologic is a service for storing and generatin activity feeds, new feeds, timelines, and other forms of aggregated, reverse-sorted data. Chronologic includes a small model layer that applications can use to map their domain to Chronologic types. This model layer talks to a Chronologic REST service. Said service uses an underlying database for storage. Currently storage is Cassandra-only, but that's a temporary condtion, you dig?


Chronologic exposes four kinds of data:

  • Events are the items that appear in your feeds. These are your statuses, checkins, commits, changes, etc. Feeds are often a social thing, therefore they reference objects...
  • Objects are the things that events happen to. These are your users, spots, projects, documents, etc.
  • Timelines are the endpoints where activity feeds appear. They contain any number of events. Every event is written to one or more target timelines. Timelines fan events out based on subscriptions...
  • Subscriptions connect timelines to other timelines. To make events posted to your user timeline appear in the site-wide timeline, you would subscribe the site-wide timeline to your use timeline.

Hello, Chronologic

An example goes here.

Running Chronologic

Instructions on running Chronologic and idea about deploying it go here.


The way you contribute to the development of Chronologic goes here.


Copyright 2010-2011 Gowalla Incorporated. Chronologic is MIT licensed.