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Slowjam sings a sweet, sweet song to your slow queries
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You've got slow queries. They're hiding in your app. Sing them a sweet, sweet song with slowjam. Those slow queries will come right out.

require 'slowjam'

Slowjam.threshold = 300 # milliseconds
Slowjam.frames = 5
Slowjam.accept = %r{^(app|config|lib)}.freeze
Slowjam.cleaner = Rails.backtrace_cleaner

Now when a query takes more than 300 milliseconds, it gets written to your log. In red, so its hard to ignore.

It's really easy to grep for slow queries too:

tail -f log/production.log|grep -A 2 'SLOW QUERY'

Go forth and find your slow queries.

What it looks like

  Checkin Load (177.1ms) SELECT "checkins".* ...
  Trace: app/controllers/checkins_controller.rb:131 | app/controllers/checkins_controller.rb:120 | lib/ref.rb:294
  Spot Load (231.0ms) SELECT spots.* ...
  Trace: app/views/users/show_friend.json.erb:110 | app/controllers/users_controller.rb:521 | app/controllers/users_controller.rb:501 | lib/ref.rb:294


Copyright 2011 Adam Keys. Slowjam is MIT licensed.

Development sponsored by Gowalla. Go out and explore your slow queries!

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