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Config Sync

Redis does not replicate configuration changes made via the CONFIG SET command. Nor does Sentinel. This is a small tool which is meant to reside on a sentinel to read it's config and synchronize all monitored slaves with their master's for a list of configuration directives.


The configuration options currently available are telling configsync where to find the Sentinel config file and what directives to synchronize. By default it will look to /etc/redis/sentinel.conf, but this can be changed via the environment variable CONFIGSYNC_SENTINELCONFIGFILE.

Likewise CONFIGSYNC_SYNCABLEDIRECTIVELIST can be a single directive or a comma separated list of directives to synchronize to the slave(s).

If you want to run it in "pretend" mode: CONFIGSYNC_PRETENDONLY=true

Anticipated Usage

Generally this is expected to be put into a cron table to run perodically. It has been tested running against a sentinel with 100 monitored pods and runs in under half a second, so should be safe to run every minute if desired.