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WARNING: the ugliest code in the world

With xshellex you can paste any kind of c-shellcode strings in x64dbg, ollydbg & immunity debugger. Also you can convert the "binary-copied-clipboard" to c-shellcode string.

Please, consider make a donation:

This plugin uses shellex, my handy "C-shellcode to hex converter" tool for paste & execute shellcodes in gdb, windbg, radare2, ollydbg, 010 editor etc.


Just download

Extract the .zip


Copy the release folder in the x64dbg folder.

Now check if you have installed:

  • x64dbg\release\tcc
  • x64dbg\release\shellex.exe
  • x64dbg\release\x32\plugins\xshellex.dp32
  • x64dbg\release\x64\plugins\xshellex.dp64


Copy the ollydbg folder content to ollydbg path (I use C:\odbg110)

Now check if you have installed:

  • C:\odbg110\tcc
  • C:\odbg110\shellex.exe
  • C:\odbg110\shellex.dll

immunity debugger

Copy the immunity folder content to C:\Program Files (x86)\Immunity Inc\Immunity Debugger

Now check if you have installed:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Immunity Inc\Immunity Debugger\tcc
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Immunity Inc\Immunity Debugger\shellex.exe
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Immunity Inc\Immunity Debugger\shellex.dll


Go to Plugins --> xshellex --> launch

Paste your c-shellcode string

Press enter

Press Control+Z

Copy the output to clipboard

Alt text

Use x64dbg Binary Paste (right click in disasm)

Alt text

WARNING: In x64dbg you can use Paste ignore size BUT in ollydbg & immunity debugger you must select first a long area:

Alt text

Alt text

Converting binary-copied-clipboard to c-shellcode string

Select area

Right click --> Binary ---> Copy

Alt text

Go to Plugins --> xshellex --> clipboard to ....

Alt text

Why this plugin?

In real world yummyPaste plugin ( ) cant works fine, because you have a lot of garbage to filter, just check shellcodes like

unsigned char code[] = \

"\x7f\x01\x01\x01"  // <- IP Number ""
"\xd9\x03"          // <- Port Number "55555"

char sc[] = /* 7 + 23 = 30 bytes */


Visual Studio 2013

WARNING: To convert ollydbg plugin to immunity debugger plugin just use auxtools\PluginFix