Incremental ListView Control and Plugin for Xamarin.Forms
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IncremementalListView Plugin for Xamarin.Forms

IncrementalListView Plugin for Xamarin.Forms which provides an IncrementalListView control for loading data incrementally as a user scrolls.

Demo gif of the control on iOS

Where to get it?

You can clone or download the repo and build it yourself. Or, grab it from Nuget.

How to Use

To get started, add a reference to the IncrementalListView.FormsPlugin.dll in your PCL project (directly or using NuGet). The plugin is a single PCL and it's not required for every platform project unless using a Shared Assets Project type.

Next, implement the ISupportIncrementalLoading interface on your ViewModel that will be the BindingContext of the IncrementalListViewControl. Here is an example:

public class IncrementalViewModel : INotifyPropertyChanged, ISupportIncrementalLoading
    public int PageSize { get; set; } = 20;

    public ICommand LoadMoreItemsCommand { get; set; }

    public bool IsLoadingIncrementally { get; set; } 

    public bool HasMoreItems { get; set; }

    public IncrementalViewModel()
        LoadMoreItemsCommand = new Command(async () => await LoadMoreItems());

    async Task LoadMoreItems()
        IsLoadingIncrementally = true;

        // Download data from a service, etc.
        // Add the newly download data to a collection

        HasMoreItems = ...

        IsLoadingIncrementally = false;

Then, add a namespace in your XAML page for the plugin:


Now, Add the control to a ContentPage:

    ItemsSource="{Binding MyItems}"


        <ActivityIndicator Margin="20" IsRunning="{Binding IsLoadingIncrementally}" IsVisible="{Binding IsLoadingIncrementally}"/>        

Finally, customize the PreloadCount property for how close to the bottom of the list the user has to get to before a load is started. A value of 0 means the user has to reach the end of the list. In this example, the user would reach the n - 5, where n is MyItems.Count.


Let me know if you have suggestions or feedback on this control!


See the LICENSE file.