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Collisions against rsync
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Rsync Collisions

These are some blocks that collide under the rsync algorithm (both the md5 sum and the rsync checksum).

They were generated using a slightly modified fastcoll by Marc Stevens. The license for fastcoll doesn't permit much, but here's a description of how to generate the collions:

  • If you require a prefix (passed implicity or explicitly into your target file), put it in a file, padded up to 64 bytes.
  • Generate a collision using that prefix to generate an IHV.
  • Take note of the XOR difference between the rsync checksums of the two files
  • Generate collisions with your colliding files as a prefix until you get one with the same difference
  • Swap around the "original" and "modified" files, so each collision has one of each

FIXME: Provide a better description of this and why it works

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