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Easy way to genrate NANO from your server computing power, auto load balancing, mining speed decreases and increases depending on your server load. You can run this miner and still have your server serving your website and doing your important stuff, and enjoy your earnings each day !!


Clone the repo

git clone
chmod -R 777 server-mine-nano
cd server-mine-nano


Get username from ->
Change 36PZU7z7wpQS3Z2ao4J1gSwFneVBkbf94n.4 To your username !!

lightweight mine

screen ./xmrig -a cn/r -o -u 36PZU7z7wpQS3Z2ao4J1gSwFneVBkbf94n.4 -p x  --nicehash --donate-level=1

Orignal Repo

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