Python scripts for visualising the contributions to a Git repo.
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GitViz Suite

This is a suite of tools for visualising/analysing behaviour inside Git repositories. The included tools are:

  • a tool for showing who has worked with whom within the repository
  • a toold for visualising, week-by-week, who contributes to the repostory and how frequently
  • a tool for counting the number of daily commits within the repository.


Before running any of these scripts, you must install the Python/pip dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Bofore running the script, you must install Graphviz suite of tools. For this purpose I advise using Homebrew to OSX users:

brew install graphviz

Running the Scripts

The scripts require you to provide a path to a checked-out Git repo. In addition you can provide "from" and "until" dates.

e.g. <path> -f 2017-01-01 -u 2017-03-31 e.g. <path> -f 2017-01-01 -u 2017-03-31