A Kibana plugin for tailing logs from containers.
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A Kibana plugin for tailing logs from containers.

Docker Container

In addition to publishing releases on GitHub, they are also on Docker Hub. The latest container available via:

docker pull therealwardo/kibana-logwhale:5.3.0

Contributing and Development

If you want to contribute code, simply open a pull request. By opening a pull request, you agree that your code will be MIT licensed.

See the kibana contributing guide for instructions setting up your development environment. The main tasks when developing the plugin are:

  • npm start

    Start kibana and have it include this plugin. This will automatically start dev mode which recompiles your code on refresh.

  • npm start -- --config kibana.yml --no-ssl

    You can pass any argument that you would normally send to bin/kibana by putting them after -- when running npm start.

  • npm run build

    Build a distributable archive.

  • npm run test:browser

    Run the browser tests in a real web browser. (I couldn't actually get these to run...)

  • npm run test:server

    Run the server tests.

For more information about any of these commands run npm run ${task} -- --help.