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Windows anti-forensics USB monitoring tool.
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Windows anti-forensics USB monitoring tool. First you map a Key USB device - it can be a mouse, keyboard, flash drive etc. It will ask you to plug and unplug your device. Then the program remembers the device ID (VID:PID). After that you can arm the Sentinel and it would listen for device disconnect events and if your Key USB device is unplugged - xxUSBSentinel will shutdown your computer the fast way. The whole purpose of that is to make recovering your encrypted drive keys almost impossible.

  • WARNING: This software will not encrypt or protect your data/drives, its only aim is to help you improve your operation security.


  • Monitor and log all types of USB devices connecting and disconnecting
  • Export logs to file
  • Resolve device VID:PID
  • Map a device to be a Key USB device
  • Fast shutdown on Key USB device unplug
  • Control everything from GUI or from the traybar icon
  • Test mode option for practice


Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Screenshot3 Screenshot4


No installation is needed, download release or build it yourself.


Currently it depends on LibUsbDotNet, but in future releases the library will be packed with the executable:



The should work on most Windows versions and has been tested on the following:

Windows 10 Home x64


Add RAM, hiberfil, pagefile and swapfile secure wiping. Add fake BSOD. Add configuration saving. Add option for custom commands instead of shutdown. Pack libraries with release executable.


Delete the executable.

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