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For TestBash Australia 2019, drawn from my DevOps Girls workshop with the same name.
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Hands-on Intro to AWS and a Taste of DevOps, for Testers

This is the workshop I have also taught at DevOps Girls, tweaked somewhat for the TestBash audience.

This workshop will help with:

  • Not being spooked by some buzzwords anymore
  • Establishing how easy it is to use AWS
  • Learning to deploy your own website (and test it!)
  • Helping find your feet in the DevOps conversation

This is a zero to hero session. It opens the door to AWS and DevOps literacy and establishes some basics, making it easier to start researching your own way through the myriad of options that this field present. Just like you needed a few basic words and procedures to find your feet in testing initially, this will help establish those basics for you to explore the ever-growing world of DevOps, and how you could learn to add value there too.

Remember to bring your laptop as this workshop will be completely hands-on.


The half-day workshop agenda

Code of Conduct

TestBash Code of Conduct


There will be setup steps emailed to you and I will be available on email before, and in person on the day of the workshop to answer setup questions. These can also found on the Setup page.

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