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USC POIR Workshop on LaTeX (February 2018)
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LaTeX Workshop

The workshop is geared toward PhD students who are interested in using LaTeX for their dissertations, class papers, or journal submissions. The course consists of two parts, a presentation and a practical application.


  1. Introduction or why learning LaTeX is worth the investment.
    • Typography
    • Separation of content and presentation
    • Integration of graphs and tables
    • Math typesetting and formal presentation
  2. Challenges
    • Co-authoring
    • Journal submission
    • Compilers, debugging, etc.
  3. Basic structure of LaTeX documents
    • Preamble
    • Title
    • Main body
  4. Bibliographies

Practical application

The presentation is followed by short lab in which we will go over an article style LaTeX template. We will use the Overleaf online compiler during the session. Participants are asked to please do the following prior to the start of the workshop:

  1. Create an Overleaf account.
  2. Download the template folder from Github.
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