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Zero planning enjoyment of your music collection
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Zero planning enjoyment of your music collection


In digger terms, a music library is a vast set of music files like what you find on Spotify, SoundCloud, a radio station, or that pirated archive you've been hoarding. A music collection is a subset of songs you would be interested in hearing again.

Digger helps you enjoy your collection by pulling and playing songs you haven't heard in the longest time. Digger uses range controls and keywords to pull situationally appropriate tracks without having to think too much. has a walkthrough of the interface.


Digger runs as a webapp, supported by a server that handles the file crawling and data storage. The idea is to work with minimal and open technology so Digger can be adapted to a wide variety of situations.

To run digger locally on a local collection of audio files, you will need to have node.js installed. In the directory where you downloaded the digger project, install these node extensions:

npm install jsmediatags --save
npm install node-static
npm i -S formidable

Then run digger:


If you don't specify a db file, the default is MUSICDIR/digdat.json

With the server running, open http://localhost:6980 in a browser.


See issues for ongoing development. Definitely interested in packaging Digger for a wider audience and other media access models. Get in touch via email.

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