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Simple Photo Album

Makes a web site out of directories of photos, optionally with accompanying text files and audio recordings. Leaves the source files alone, only writes index.html files. Requires node.js to run.

Basic use:

From the command line, wherever you downloaded the files:

node make_index_files.js PICSPATH

Where PICSPATH is the name of the folder where your pictures are. If you don't specify PICSPATH, make_index_files.js looks for a directory below it called "pics".

How it works:

The app writes an index.html file in PICSPATH, and walks every folder in PICSPATH writing index.html files linked to the parent index.html. So you end up with a tree of index.html pages you can easily browse.

The main reason to use the app is for associating text with photos to make a photo album. If you have a file called myphoto.png and you also have a file called myphoto.txt in the same folder, the app figures the text should be a caption for the photo. The goal is to separate media organization and html writing so you don't have to do both at the same time.

In actual fact you end up making changes to your files after seeing them in the browser, and you make changes to html based on your media, but it's still easier to separate those concerns.

Name hacks:

There are flags you can include in the names of files or folders to cause special handling:

  • "_xnoi_" (no index) means don't include this file or folder in the generated html.

  • "_xsec_" (section) means include the contents of this folder as a section in the parent page rather than writing a separate html file.

  • "_xntr_" (no traversal) means include a link to this folder but don't generate any html for it.

Name flags are ignored when associating filenames.

Sample associations:

  • If myphoto.png and myphoto.txt, then the text from myphoto.txt becomes a caption describing the image for myphoto.png.

  • If myphoto.png and myphoto.html, then the html from myphoto.html becomes the image caption. If both .html and .txt are exist, the .html is used.

  • Freestanding .txt or .html files become freestanding sections in the generated html page.

  • If myphoto.png and myphoto.mp3, the .mp3 is audio about the photo. It might also be a pic for a music file. Either way.

  • If myfolder and myfolder.png, then the pic is an image to accompany the folder link for added visual interest.

Special files:

  • SPA_Opts.txt specifies options to change default behavior. For example:
    pagetitle=theriex's page
    If titlehtml is specified, then its contents replaces what would have been displayed for the pagetitle.

Advanced use:

  • A .link file is understood as a reference to non-local media. The name of the file is used as the text for the link, and the contents is interepreted as a media URL. At the time of this writing, a url containing "" or "" should work.

  • To override the look of the generated site pages, create an album.css file in the same directory as make_index_files.js

  • To read the text files dynamically rather than copying the text into the index.html files, specify

    node make_index_files.js -dynamic PICSPATH

    You will need to access index.html via a web server rather than as a static file to see the text. If you do not have a web server already installed try

    sudo npm install http-server -g
    cd docroot

    Then open a browser to http://localhost:8080 and marvel at how slowly the browser loads. Might be better off running the generator every 5 seconds in a command shell loop.