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Link to the Cubuyo Web App

Running Locally on Windows/Linux/OSX

You'll need to first install Python and add it to your system path

Clone or download this Repo by either running

git clone h

or by downloading it from Github directroy. I HIGHLY recommend downloading it using the Git command, as it allows you to update the repository with a single line of code.

Afterwards, try to run:

pip freeze

And if an error is returned you will need to install python-pip on your system by downloading and running


You can exit out of this terminal, and open up a new terminal inside of the Cubuyo directory.

After this, you'll need to install all of the python modules this package depends on. You can either do it manually or you can run

pip install -r requirements.txt

After all the requirements are installed, you'll need to start up the flask app by running


Afterwards, open up a web browser and go to

You can also access this site on any computer that is connected to your network by accessing http://YOURIPADDRESS:8000 from another computer.

You can find your local IP address by running


Web App

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