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Therion 5.4.2 (in progress):
* updated Spanish translation (thanks to Evaristo Quiroga)
Therion 5.4.1 (2017-04-18):
* added fonts-setup layout option
* added min-symbol-scale layout option
* added support for -scale <number> for point and line symbols
(1.0 ≡ medium symbol size)
* updated Russian translation [PR#73,74]
* bugs fixed:
- remove debugging output when reading Survex err files
- don't accept stddev <= 0
Therion 5.4.0 (2017-04-03):
* repos created
* added support for cross-compiler
* integration
* include UISv1 grade definitions [PR#6]
* new ini file option: tex-fonts-optional
* simple CSV database export with shot and equate lists [PR#9,19]
* KML export improved (survey title, map comment, folder icons, entrances,
survey names...) [PR#13]
* added loop error info to .3d model
* sync up img.c and img.h with latest Survex versions [PR#16]
* update to latest poly2tri code [PR#43]
* documentation improvements [PR#29,38,42]
* Chinese translation added -- manual setup of fonts in the ini file
(pdf-fonts) is necessary (thanks to Zhang Yuan Hai and Duncan Collis)
* updated Bulgarian, Czech, English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Slovak
translations [PR#9,12,18,34,41,46,55,56,58,60,65,67,68,69,70,72]
* new and updated map symbols:
- added line rope symbol, updated line handrail in MP [PR#9]
- added area flowstone to AUT symbolset [PR#35]
- added line fixed-ladder
- added polyline_offset macro in MP
- fixed AUT ceiling-step and ceiling-meander [PR#47]
- changed AUT painted/fixed station to ASF:fixed layout [PR#48]
* bugs and issues fixed:
- fix missing font declarations when using pdf-fonts with more than 256 chars
- added export of CLIP attribute in SHP export
- include coordinate system and date-surveyed in the .3d export [PR#9,19]
- fix warning "Can't Open Cavern Log File For Input" [PR#9]
- fix compiler warnings [PR#10,22,24]
- fix altitude colours with centreline [PR#11]
- fix survex path detection
- ensure text files end with a new line [PR#14]
- fix typos in messages and comments [PR#17,23,25,39,40,45]
- make "make clean" work fully for debug build [PR#20]
- regularise indentation to use spaces [PR#26]
- whitespace clean-up [PR#27]
- sync divergent docs of therion command line [PR#28]
- eliminate second copy of Survex img code [PR#33]
- remove accidentally committed files [PR#37]
- remove redundant NULL checks [PR#44]
- use $(MAKE) instead of make [PR#51]
- improve calculation of fractional year [PR#52]
- fixing raft-cone point being drawn as raft [PR#54]
* shortcuts to delete a line point (Ctrl-Shift-D) and zoom (Ctrl-Up/Down)
* colouring of lines based on type
* station point shown with triangle instead of dot
* Line simplification command to reduce number of points without converting
to Bezier [PR#8]
* apply proper collation when sorting [PR#71]
* bugs fixed:
- fix long delay processing large log files [PR#2]
- fix loading of files with no extension in text editor [PR#30]
- fix line point contextual menu [PR#61]
- fix xtherion/lang/ regex [PR#62]
- include missing translatable texts [PR#63,66]
- enable canvas zoom with the mouse wheel [PR#64]
- incomprehensible error message while loading unsupported progressive JPEGs
* manual page added [PR#15]
* bugs fixed:
- fix assertions with wxWidgets 3.0 [PR#1]
- remove redundant NULL checks [PR#44]
- fix loch "make depend" [PR#32]
Therion 5.3.16 (2014-12-28):
* scale upper limit changed to 1:10
* geomag data updated up to 2020
* bugs fixed:
- black area displayed instead of some patterns in SVG
- broken XHTML output when string formatting keywords are used in map-comment etc.
- unescaped special characters in map-comment etc. in XHTML
- improved error message when therion can't map custom TeX fonts in
MetaPost macros to Unicode
- cave depth value in XHTML output
- invalid compass/backcompass averaging formula
* elevation orientation in Compiler map structure
* VTK 6.0 support
* wxWidgets 3.0 support
Therion 5.3.15 (2014-05-27):
* multiline comments inside (comment/endcomment) block allowed in
data and configuration files
* new TeX variables
\cave[max|min]z = altitude max|min value
\thversion = current therion version
\currentdate = current date
\outcs[code|name] = output CS code and name
\northdir = true or grid
\magdecl = magnetic declination in degrees
\gridconv = grid meridian convergence in degrees
* new metapost variables
NorthDir = "true" or "grid"
MagDecl = magnetic declination in degrees
GridConv = grid meridian convergence in degrees
* bugs fixed:
- invalid colors for station names and wall altitudes
* resetting symbol options when type is changed can be turned off using
xth(gui,me,type_reset_options) variable
* you can turn off symbol type translation in dropdown menus using
xth(gui,me,type_dropdown_trans) variable
* bugs fixed:
- area type u type change bug
Therion 5.3.14 (2014-02-22):
* added Undo/Redo toolbar buttons
* added option Edit->Hide inactive scraps
* added context menu, right click on line and point
Therion 5.3.13 (2014-01-22):
* bugs fixed:
- update survex img parser to v8 (should fix various errors)
- several patches from Wookey's debian distribution applied
Therion 5.3.12 (2013-12-22):
* -enable/disable spay-shots should work for VRML and DXF format (splay
shots in separate layer)
* added ATTR__shotflag_splay, ATTR__shotflag_duplicate, ATTR__shotflag_approx
to metapost code before line survey
* warning raised, if equate statement creates new station in some subsurvey
* removed transaction from SQL export
* bugs fixed:
- color map-fg altitude should work for elevation projection
- error deleting temporary directory
- missing vcomp100.dll in Win32 installation
* bugs fixed:
- BOM handling in UTF-8 files
- ver.tcl ends with lf only
* bugs fixed:
- file open dialog not working properly on Debian linux
Therion 5.3.11 (2012-12-22):
* added -survey option for map for setting survey associated with map.
For example all surveying statistics from this survey will be used, when
this map is selected for output.
* added sketch-colors <number-of-colors> option to thconfig file,
to reduce size of sketch bitmap images in maps
* hide symbol from legend, if it has explicitly empty translation
* survey-level works for point station-name labels, if station name is
automatically determined (no -text is specified)
* symbol-show|hide group text for point label, remark, date and line label
* grid-angle <value> <units> - can be used in centerline to specify magnetic
grid angle (declination against grid north).
* -cs output specification works for export cave-list (including lat-long)
* dates are shown using OS locale settings in map export
* layout statistics explo/topo-length on/hide/off -- if it is off,
team members are sorted alphabetically
* KML export format supported for cave-list and continuation-list
* bugs fixed:
- PLT export in output coordinate system
- context point air-draught not working
- instrument position in centerline does not work
- debug scrap-names crashes if empty scraps
- counter not working in centerline data diving
- revise not working outside of survey context
- wrong length/depth and other statistics calculation for map output
- sketch bitmaps inserted multiple times in PDF files
* bugs fixed:
- new file in xtherion works, even if file is already open
Therion 5.3.10 (2012-08-13):
* added new point types: ice-stalactite, ice-stalagmite, ice-pillar,
clay-choke, clay-tree
* added new wall subtypes: pit, flowstone, moonmilk, overlying
* added new symbol groups: ice, sediments
* added -height option for pit/wall:pit
* added new layout option: color map-bg transparent
* full OSGB grid coverage (e.g. cs OSGB:ST)
* Austrian symbol set added (thanks to Georg Pacher)
* added New Zealand symbol set (NZSS, thanks to Bruce Mutton)
* updated UIS symbol set (thanks to Bruce Mutton)
* updated German translation (thanks to Georg Pacher)
* updated Italian translation (thanks to Marco Corvi)
* added bulgarian translation (thanks to Alexander Yanev)
* updated English translation (thanks to Bruce Mutton)
* added te reo Maori translation (thanks to Kyle Davis)
* added possibility to define own coordinate system in therion.ini (cs-def)
* updated survex img library to version 1.1.15
* added option -enable/disable splay-shots to 3d model export
(works with .3d and .kml file formats)
* bugs fixed:
- fixed huge coordinate numbers in extended elevation xvi
- xvi with sketches export
- unnecessary warningcheck changes eliminated from metapost code
- fixed bug with 3d model generation from scraps without outline
- fixed bug with missing patterns in symbols.xhtml
- fixed bug - direction point not working with line secion
- fixed inaccurate clipping of coloured scrap background
- fixed placement of surface bitmaps with larger offset
- fixed alignment of some point symbols in AUT symbol set
- missing white fill below cave passages in transparent PDFs if background
colour is white (needed if the map is included into other map with
non-white background)
- fixed incorrect line width conversion in some patterns
- hide white background of scraps when the PDF layer containing them
is invisible
- constrained Delaunay triangulation engine replaced by poly2tri
- passage outline scanning algorithm improved
- "nosurvey" shots allowed between unfixed stations
- added missing area flowstone, moonmilk and bedrock into legend
- fixed xvi export of extended elevation
- fixed symbol-hide/show point remark bug
- fixed wall:debris bug in AUT symbol set (thanks to Georg Pacher)
- fixed layout color map-bg transparent bug
- LRUD area dimensions is drawn for all shots before these shots are drawn
(centerline is compact when map is exported from centerline only)
* bugs fixed:
* VTK file export changed to binary type (problem with coordinate systems)
* added checkbox that enables/disables surface lighting (Scene->Surface)
* bugs fixed:
- vthreshold should work now for LRUD modelling
Therion 5.3 (2010-02-17):
* added <lang:XX> language selector for strings
* -filter (on)|off option added to continuation export to support export
of all continuations
* -surveys (on)|off option added to cave-list export to allow export of raw
list of caves
* new easy setup for OpenType and TrueType fonts (requires lcdf-typetools)
(new otf2pfb and pdf-fonts options in therion.ini)
* basic support for right-to-left scripts in labels and legend
* PDF files now contain unicode mapping information to allow searching and
copying texts consisting of accented and non-latin characters
* georeferencing data added to pdf maps
* new layout option: symbol-color <type> <symbol> <color>
* new symbol groups: water, speleothems, passage-fills, equipment
* new flags for stations: arch and overhang to mark these surface
karst features
* support for splay shots without station names (using "-" or "." as station
* added greek translation (thanks to Stelios Zacharias)
* added albanian translation (thanks to Fatos Katallozi)
* updated german translation (thanks to Roger Schuster; Georg Pacher's
additions to be implemented soon)
* sketches displayed in map layer in pdf and svg, not among surface bitmaps (T#8996)
* PROJ.4 library updated to 4.7.0
* geomag data updated until 2015
* bugs fixed:
- BCRA3 and BCRA5 survey grades fixed
- missing altitudes in cave list
- atlas page exclusion
- map header positioning using real numbers
- attribute export to metapost
- fixed russian translation (B#26399)
- transparency in metapost reset when followed by clipped area
- back readings supported in data roles+instruments
- missing LRUD data in PLT export (B#25532)
- segfault on line with single point
- "-flip none" not working for scrap
- lat/long out of range
- map-header x y off behaves as if map-header x y nw (B#25537)
- incorrect boundary of background sketches in pdf and svg maps
* script for creation of OziExplorer MAP files for georeferenced maps
(Help->Calibrate bitmap)
* added import functions for PocketTopo export
- centerline in text editor: File->Import->PocketTopo therion export
- sketches in map editor: Background Images->Insert->PocketTopo therion export
* bugs fixed:
- increasing of station numbers with leading zeros or trailing letters
* added File->Import function to allow merging of e.g. 3d files with DTM in
loch format
* added Tools->Options->Measurement system setup
* splay and duplicate shots are hidden by default
* entrances, stations and fixed stations and their labels can be displayed
on screen (added toolbar buttons and Scene setup->Stations control panel)
Therion 5.2 (2008-08-07):
* statistics of explored but not yet surveyed passages. Just specify
`-explored <length>' to point continuation or add `explored <length>' to
station flags and this length will be used in survey/cave statistics.
* new handling of user defined symbols (including legend)
* improved station flags handling. Added new flags for stations: sink, spring,
doline, dig, air-draught(:winter|summer). Also `not' is supported before flag.
User defined attributes may be added to stations using flag `attr' followed
by attribute name and value.
* station flags can be turned on|off using layout:
symbol-show|hide point flag:entrance|continuation|sink|spring|doline|dig...
* added `splay' and `approx[imate]' survey shot flag
* grid labeling using coordinates - layout option grid-coords off|border|all
* ability to color labels by scrap color using `color labels on|off' in layout
* user can change translation of therion texts at runtime using `text'
option in configuration or initialization files
* when layouts are copied one into another, map-comments are concatenated
instead of replaced
* added russian translations + encodings (thanks to Vasily Vl. Suhachev)
* updated french translations (thanks to Gilbert Fernandes)
* attributes to metapost are exported as strings only
* bugs fixed:
- symbol-show|hide line moonmilk works
- declination output fixed (half year shift removed)
- invalid LRUD dimensions in PDF map output
- installation script
- page grid origin not affected by rotation/meridian convergence
- scale works with all point labels
* ERROR/WARNING state of compilation
* changed increased default sidebar width + default sidebar width
configuration option in xtherion.ini file
* single .xtherion.dat file containing survey and map structures is created
after compilation
* bugs fixed:
- "end of line" characters translation
- toolbar icon decriptions added to localization files
* export of cave 3D model in VTK format using File->Export
* bugs fixed:
- wxWidgets 2.8.0 compilation thanks to Olly Betts
- walls altitude coloring under Linux
Therion 0.5.1 (2007-08-29):
* added configuration for debian based linux systems: make config-debian
* new samples directory
* new subtypes for air-draught symbol: winter and summer
* new area types: flowstone, moonmilk
* ability to display overlying maps in offset
* new point and line type: map-connection (used to indicate
connection between map parts - extended elevations, maps in
* improved default centerline symbols
* LRUD envelopes of maps exported from centerline
* point -extend option changed to -from
* user defined types of points/lines/areas (using u type and
custom subtype string e.g. u:electric-cable)
* scraps without calibration stations are allowed
* coordinate system specification allowed for scraps
* areas exported to SHP files
* export of simple DXF maps
* updated Italian translation (thanks to Marco Corvi)
* bugs fixed:
- top level objects selection
- generation of extended elevation
- map coloring
- creating surveys from .3d files
- subpixel inaccuracy with bitmap morphing
- entering angles/lat-long in degree:minutes format
- shapefile export fixes
* DXF/SVG import in map editor (File->Import)
* symbol themes and translations comboboxes
* autocompletion in symbol type comboboxes
* bugs fixed:
- translations of type:subtype works
* first Mac OS X version works
* bugs fixed:
- surface texture mapping under Linux
Therion 0.5.0 (2007-02-02):
* geodetic coordinate systems support -- CS specification in
layout, centerline, surface, import and configuration file.
Coordinate systems used all around the world are supported
(EPSG and ESRI standards).
* added GEOMAG model for automatic calculation of magnetic
declination according to cave coordinates and survey date
* multiple images (PDF, PNG, JPEG) in PDF map supported
(e.g. plan and xelevation in single PDF) using new layout
option map-image <x> <y> <align> <filename>
* new improved vector morphing algorithm
* morphing of survey sketches now supported. New -sketch option
for scrap + sketches switch in layout. Allows export of morphed
survey sketches in PDF and XVI. ImageMagick package
(convert and identify executables) are needed to use these features.
* -attr option for specification of user defined attributes,
valid for all objects. Attributes are exported to metapost
code using ATTR_* variables.
* shapefile map export format
* Google Earth (.kml) map (scrap outlines) and model (centerline)
* -enc|-encoding option allowed for map and model export
* top level survey command not needed any more
* survey: new -namespace switch, enables using datasets with
unique station names
* new area type: bedrock
* subtype specification is now possible using ":" separator
(e.g. border:invisible)
* added "system" command in configuration files to execute
system commands during therion compilation
* new layout option: north (true)|grid
* -calibrate option for import
* source/endsource construct allowed in configuration files
* input allowed within multiline commands
* improved ceiling and floor meander symbols
* background centerline map exported only when no scraps or maps
* support for 1.1 survex .3d file format
* added German translation of symbols (thanks to Roger Schuster),
updated Italian translation (thanks to Marco Corvi).
* default Linux installation is done into "/usr/local" instead
of "/usr" directory
* bugs fixed:
- automatic calculation of atlas paper size when only size is specified
- extended elevation generation ("break" removed, only "ignore"
- empty map when exported with -layout-color map-fg map
* compiler preview toolbox (experimental, acrobat reader supported
on Win32, xpdf on Linux (original idea of Marco Corvi))
* sketch control (insert, remove) in scrap toolbox
* 3D viewer removed from xtherion
* does not connect to Internet any more to check new version available
* remembers last working directory on Windows
* improved scrap scaling - "Scale" button + scale preview arrow in scrap
* scrap selection selects current scrap first
* bugs fixed:
- hang when area inserted at the end of file
- deleting contents of configuration files should not happen any more
- fixed zooming of transparent pictures
* bugs fixed:
- initial size on multiple display machines
- crash when file with texture is opened as loch argument (or
doubleclick on Win)
Therion 0.4.0 (2006-10-02):
* loch - new 3D viewer and default 3D export format
* VRML model export improved (added surface texture)
* export model: -wall-source (all)|maps|centerline -- specify
the source of passage walls
* layout: survey-level <N> -- show up to N surveys with station
names (default N=0, survey-level all is also accepted).
* 3d file import improved -- multiple imports of the same centerline
* if no map is selected with export, also centerline is exported
* symbol sets overview using --print-symbols option. Output in
XHTML format (file symbols.xhtml).
* fixed bug with autojoin and multiple projection output
* images outside .th2 file path accepted, relative path is still
created using ".." directory reference
* area border lines are highlighted, when selected in listbox
* backup of configuration files is created after OK compilation
* added IT translation
Therion 0.3.10 (2006-04-05):
* decimal point in low passage heights
* fixed bugs: loop closure errors log, symbol-hide group cave-centreline
* SVG export in XHTML format
* flowstone and waterflow symbols joined in legend, if used
as line and point together
* improved loop closure method selection - if there was an error
when processed using survex - therion is used for loop closure
* when scrap size exceed metapost limits - more reasonable errors
are generated + limit for centerline scraps is larger
* layout: you can change overlap or size and page setup is automatically
* layout: color map-fg scrap
* layout: debug station-names
* added toolbar (thanks to dzach)
* added text editor template (in xtherion.ini file)
Therion 0.3.9 (2005-08-30):
* units (metric)|imperial in layout and initialization file
* new therion.ini switch: loop-closure therion|survex
By default, survex is used if present, otherwise therion.
* fixed bugs - error log when disk full, vtreshold -> vthreshold
* map export to .3d files
* scraps in one .th2 file that have common end line points are
automatically joined
* scrap names in map output, via layout: debug scrap-names
* fixed bugs - view is not moved when line is split, file is
not changed when image insertion is canceled
Therion 0.3.8 (2005-05-10):
* SVG export added (features not yet supported: map header, font embedding,
layers, map transparency -- this requires SVG 1.2 features)
* DXF model export added
* export format automatically determined from file extension
* layout: map-header-bg on|(off) - when on, background of map
header is filled with background color
* .ini files installed into /etc directory, files always installed
* new items in xtherion.ini file
* text editor - indent mode now similar to ordinary text editors
Therion 0.3.7 (2005-03-16):
* new (more intuitive) extended elevation arrangement
* new import options: filter, surveys
* new surface option: grid-flip
* new centerline option: extend
* new point type: dimensions
* new scrap option: flip
* new scrap/centerline option: station-names
* reduced `extend' point option
* all altitudes are exported as a difference against grid Z origin
* XVI (xtherion vector image) map export
* UD data from centerline used in 3D model generated from scraps
* plt export with LRUD data
* `/' supported as survey name character
* Unicode characters support in layout TeX code
* fixed bugs: plumbed shots; join; statistics of centerline only maps
* limited i18n support
* XVI support (automatic insertion of survey stations, LRUD data)
* fixed bug with gamma correction
Therion 0.3.6 (2005-01-31):
* LRUD passage dimensions support
* centreline processed in other programs (*.3d, *.plt) may be imported
* transparent solid surface in 3D model
* map colouring support
* map grid support
* if station subtype is not specified, Therion reads it from centreline,
if it's specified there
* MetaPost symbols completed and improved (error handling,
division by zero fixed)
* scrap filled and clipped correctly even if scrap border intersects itself
* centerline, bounding box and surface supported in 3DMF and VRML export
* Spanish translation added
* input language changes:
- centreline command: mark, walls, vtreshold;
+ new role pics
+ new data item ignoreall
+ new data type dimensions
(station, up/ceiling, down/floor, left, right)
+ LRUD dimensions may specified as pair [<from> <to>]
- point command: snow
- line command: ceiling/floor-meander, border:presumed
+ line gradient and water-flow not clipped by default
- area command: blocks, snow, ice, clay, pebbles
- scrap command: -3d changed to -walls option
- equate command: may be used outside of centreline
- import command added
* configuration file changes:
- layout command: grid, grid-size, code/endcode, color map-fg <altitude/map>,
* new items in xtherion.ini
* file timestamps are checked while saving
* auto save feature
* lot of bugfixes
* Map editor: new shortcuts (ctrl-a, ctrl-r, page up/down, shift page up/down)
* Map editor: clicking twice on the same point ends the point insertion mode
* Map editor: station names are automatically increased (or decreased :) in
extended elevation)
Therion 0.3.5 (2004-11-25):
* map rotation in 2D output supported
* bug fixed: -scale option works for point labels
* input language changes:
- centreline command: percent[age] clino units support
* configuration file changes:
- layout command: rotate
* Map editor: point, line and area symbol are never inserted
outside of a scrap
Therion 0.3.4 (2004-10-22):
* MetaPost and TeX supplied in Therion for Windows installer
work even if there is other TeX(Live) installation present in the system
(see the tex-env initialization file option)
* if there are no maps defined and map is exported,
all scraps in given projection are exported
* input language changes:
- centreline command: group/endgroup
* initialization file:
- new option: tex-env
* fixed bug in atlas export introduced in 0.3.3
* fixed minor MetaPost bugs
* Compiler: hyperlinked error messages
* Map editor: larger tick at the line symbol beginning
* Map editor: new scrap is inserted in the beginning of the file
* Map editor: fixed bug when deleting last line point
* Map editor: line symbol type change resets rotations and lengths
set-up in the line points
Therion 0.3.3 (2004-09-10):
* surface (topographical) map supported in 2D maps
* surface grid supported in 3D models (therion format)
* typesetting of legend symbols in multiple columns fixed
* input language changes:
- new command surface
- point, line and area commands have new option: context
- line command: survey has new subtypes: cave, surface
- line command has new option: adjust
- map command: ability to draw centreline from specified survey without
drawing a scrap;
new option: projection
* configuration file changes:
- layout command has new options: legend-width, legend-columns,
surface, surface-opacity
- export model has new options: enable, disable
* Model viewer: mouse wheel supported
Therion 0.3.2 (2004-07-22):
* configuration file changes:
- layout command: scale 1 50 up to 1 100000 allowed and supported
* Therion constructs accented characters if the character is not present
in the font. It used to omit the accent and display the base character only
* error message `invalid command context' changed to
`missing xxx command before yyy command'
* French translation added
* line split bug fixed
* automatically checks for updates
* 3D viewer: reload (Ctrl+R)
* 3D viewer: bounding box computation fixed
Therion 0.3.1 (2004-04-23):
* input language changes:
- scrap command has new option: 3d
* windows version: accepts slashes as directory separators in the
export command
* Czech translation added
* Map editor: fixed bug with empty lines displayed as text
* Map editor: doesn't allow to insert a background image if the *.th2
file hasn't been saved
Therion 0.3.0 (2004-04-16):
* Therion exports 3D model
* loop closure algorithms implemented in Therion
* input language changes:
- centreline command: fix doesn't accept covariances specification
* configuration file changes:
- layout command: map-header improved
- export command: new formats for 3D model export added -- vrml, 3dmf,
therion (default)
* initialization file changes:
- removed item: path-cavern
* log file contains both loop errors and scrap distortions at the end
* completely new Win32 installation with TeX and Tcl/Tk included
* data file may be specified as an argument from the command line
* basic 3D model viewer added
* Map editor: only the visible part of background images is zoomed
(less memory consumption and speed improvement)
Therion 0.2.19 (2004-03-01):
* input language changes:
- place option of point, line, area commands: none renamed to default
- area command: place bottom is default
- line command: if contour has no gradient specified, visualization
is symbol-set dependent (no gradient tick in UIS, tick in the middle
in SKBB)
- line command: pit may be spelled as pitch
- line command has new type: gradient
- survey command has new option: person-rename
* configuration file changes:
- layout command has new option: debug
- select command: new rules for selection if there is no map selected
* scrap transformation improved, distortion logged in the log file
* debugging map mode shows scrap distortions
* bug fixed in PLT export
* Map editor: status bar displays command preview
* Map editor: new Area control
* Map editor: `Move to' in File commands added
* Map editor: name of the edited scrap displayed in Title bar
* Map editor: edited line is highlighted
* Map editor: selected area is highlighted
* Map editor: orientation tick at the beginning of line symbols
* Help/Control dialog with key and mouse shortcuts
* input (keyboard) encoding menu
Therion 0.2.18 (2004-02-12):
* Therion supports translations of texts in PDF map/atlas output
* Therion exports centreline to SQL database
* input language changes:
- line command has new type: water-flow
- centerline command: discovery-date/team renamed to explo-date/team
- layout command has new options: language, colo[u]r, symbol-show,
map-comment, map-header, scale-bar, statistics
- -author and -copyright options apply only to centreline and scrap,
-title to survey, centreline, map and scrap
- it's possible to leave date field unspecified `-'
* configuration file changes:
- export command has new type: database
* initialization file changes:
- new items: language, encoding-sql
- encoding_default renamed to encoding-default
* air-draught ticks set according to -scale option
Therion 0.2.17 (2003-12-04):
* input language changes:
- layout command has new options: base-scale,
symbol-set, symbol-assign, symbol-hide
- size option for point and line symbols accepts following values:
tiny (xs), small (s), normal (m), large (l), huge (xl)
* support for run-time loading of map symbols
* MetaPost processing optimizations
Therion 0.2.16 (2003-11-24):
* input language changes:
- centerline command has new team roles: instruments (insts), assistant (dog)
- centerline command has new data readings:
up/ceiling, down/floor, left, right, ignore
- centerline may be spelled as centreline
- deg:min:sec syntax allowed for degree values
- point, line and area commands have new option: visibility on/off
* new rules for displaying map previews
* new initialization file items: tmp-path, tmp-remove
* error if no source files are specified
* if error occurs under Win32, Therion waits until RETURN is pressed
* Help/BAC Calculator dialog added
Therion 0.2.15:
* input language changes:
- layout command has new option: code <metapost|tex-map|tex-atlas>
- join command has new option: count <N>
* therion checks validity of UTF-8 encoded input files
* bug fixed -- compiler does not add empty lines to config files
Therion 0.2.14 (2003-07-16):
* input language changes:
- layout command has new option: layers on/off
* initialization file syntax changes:
cavern-path, pdftex-path, mpost-path, source-path
* fonts setup for PDF output
* updated documentation
* Therion reads (definitely) following environment variable:
- THERION -- search paths for [x]therion.ini file
Therion 0.2.13 (2003-06-16):
* thpdf, theps2pdf and 3dtops external programs integrated into Therion
* MetaPost and TeX macros compiled into Therion
* compilation: just "make" is enough; works also on win32 systems
* input language changes:
- centerline command has new options: discovery-date, discovery-team
- point command: type anostomosen renamed to anastomosis
- layout command has new option: transparency on/off
- layout command has changed option: opacity 0.0-100.0
- layout command has changed option: grid-size is measured in real units
* Therion reads following environment variables:
- THINIT -- search paths for [x]therion.ini file
- THERION -- search paths for configuration and source files
* PDF output: support for Optional Content Groups (Layers) in Acrobat 6
* Text editor: text undo/redo works with tcltk8.4.3
* Map editor: line symbols may be split