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by Rogelio J. Samour (

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Hitch allows developers to be properly credited when Pair Programming and using Git.


  • Persists pair(s) between different terminal instances.
  • Creates a unique email address for the pair. (e.g. This provides the ability to create a Gravatar for the pair.
  • Allows you to expire the pair information in N hours. e.g. hitch --expire 8 fry leela


  • For leela and fry to pair:
    • hitch leela fry
  • To override group email:
  • To clear pair info:
    • hitch -u
  • For a complete list of features:
    • hitch -h
  • Creating a Gravatar for your pair:
    • Once I've hitched with my pair. (e.g. hitch leela fry) I have now created a unique email:
    • Then, I go to Add an image to that particular email address and I'm done.


  • gem install hitch
  • chruby users run this:
for x in $(chruby | cut -c 3- | awk '{print $1}'); do chruby $x && gem install hitch; done
  • rvm users run this:
for x in $(rvm list strings); do rvm use $x@global && gem install hitch; done
  • rbenv users run this:
for x in $(rbenv versions | cut -c 3- | awk '{print $1}'); do rbenv shell $x && gem install hitch; done
  • hitch --setup >> ~/.bashrc
    • this prints out the necessary shell function and aliases you need to add to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc
  • Or copy/paste the code into your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc
  • As another option, copy/symlink the script to a separate file (e.g. ~/.bash/ or /etc/profile.d/ and source it. You can get the path using hitch --setup-path.


  • It's easier if you use rvm.
  • Fork hitch
  • When you cd into the directory the .rvmrc will activate and create a hitch gemset
  • Add tests and code for your feature
  • Create a pull request
  • Double-check TravisCI to make sure all tests pass


  • Git, HighLine


  • Stephen Caudill
  • Les Hill
  • Tim Pope


Released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for further details.