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Expire a hitch session? #7

srbartlett opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Feature request.

On a frequent basis, pairs forget to unhitch / hitch. As a result some commits are attributed to the wrong pair.

I am thinking of a feature to allow hitch to take an optional argument to set a maximum time for a hitch session. For example

hitch -t 86400 bob john

-t Sets a maximum lifetime to the hitch session. Time specified in seconds.

Thoughts on the usefulness or possible implementation? Looking at the code nothing jumps out as to how it could be implemented. Initial thoughts may require hitch to run as a daemon -- not a simple change.



Sounds reasonable. I have a few ideas on how to implement this. One of them involves the sleep command. :-) Stay tuned!

@therubymug therubymug was assigned

sleep - look forward to hearing how you might put that command to use!


I have it working locally. Just need to do some cleanup and small refactor. Should push this out soon. :-) It'll be something like hitch --expire 8h therubymug srbartlett

Right now it's only accepting seconds. :-)


Love your work.

I like the idea of it accepting hours rather than seconds.

@therubymug therubymug closed this in 7882c13
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