An automation script for iso to disk (usb, cd, dvd, whatever) copying on Apple OS X
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This script is a command-line helper for burning an iso file to any specific device, on Apple OS X.

I wrote the script when I got disgusted how awkwardly complicated it is on OS X to write a simple iso file to an USB stick.

It comes handy when:

  • you want to burn a CD or DVD from an ISO file
  • you want to create a boot disk for Windows or any *nix operation systems

How to use

  • iso2disk help - shows you the supported functions
  • iso2disk devices - creates a list of currently active devices
  • iso2disk convert - this function converts an iso to an img file *2
  • iso2disk burn <img/path> - this will burn the content of the img file to a later specified disk (prompt)
  • iso2disk all - this is the shorthand for convert and burn together

Download the file, give it the right permission and run it like this:

bash$ chmod +x iso2disk

bash$ ./iso2disk convert ubuntu.img ubuntu.iso
Converting ubuntu.iso to ubuntu.img ...
Conversion done ...


bash$ ./iso2disk burn ubuntu.img
1. /dev/disk0
2. /dev/disk0s1
3. /dev/disk0s2
4. /dev/disk1
Please select a device. [1-       4]: 4<enter>

This does the job. I selected 4 in the example, because that is the USB stick, I wanted copy the iso to.