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Hoya Hacks 2016 Project

What is it

RunThruIt helps you run smarter. Track your goals, runs, workouts, weight, water intake and more. It even tracks the mileage on your running shoes and alerts you to when they are worn out and need replacing. It can also preemptively alert you before a possible injury, if you aren't getting enough sleep or even drinking enough fluids. You can also publish your workouts to the public RunThruIt feed at runthruit.net


Visit the releases page to download the binary.

Future Plans

In the future I plan on adding the ability to extract information from GPS watches, fitbits, etc. as well as a scheduling and meetup feature.


RunThruIt.net If for some reason that link does not work, you can try RyanODay.com/RunThruIt


Here is the link to the project submission page