Webilder doesn't recognize the new .wb2 files since Webshots changed the name to Smile by Webshots #40

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Yesterday I received news that members of the original Webshots development team have bought the company back from American greetings and have renamed their service Smile by Webshots, with their desktop app becoming the Smile Desktop (http://smile.webshots.com/landing/). Unfortunately part of the change is a change to the format of their image files into something their calling .wb2 files. I downloaded one of the images and tried importing it into Webilder, both before and after changing the extension to .wbz.

Will Webilder be able to support the new image format? I tried running the Smile Desktop on Linux Mint Debian Edition KDE UP5 under Wine but while I can launch the desktop I am unable to bring in any new images files, something the devs acknowledge on their support site, or import the now two files I have downloaded from the Smile website. I'm really hoping Webilder can meet the challenge that the Smile devs are laying down.

I just encountered the same problem....

Same problem here...

I found yesterday that if you open the .wb2 file in a text editor you can see a URL that you can use to get the image so I use that as a workaround until Webilder learns how to use them. I'm also noticing that it doesn't look like there's any identification information in the file so the only way to see the caption and credit is to look at the image itself. I'm not sure if this will help or hurt the Webilder devs though.

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