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Going for Brokerage:
People Analytics (ahem, Monitoring) at Redfin

Accompanying repository for the Monitorama 2016 Portland talk [slides found here]


How do you scale a start-up and redefine an industry at the same time? Through making bets on our employees and measuring our people decisions, we’ve been able to grow while simultaneously serving our customers, making our people happy, and staying connected to our culture. This talk will explain how we’ve done this: by using people data! During the talk, we'll also emphasize how you can start taking steps to monitor your people practices.



Sarah Hagan is a Sr. Data Scientist at Redfin using analytics and behavioral psychology to hire the best real estate agents and foster Redfin’s amazing culture. Before that, she worked in a small group within Nordstrom’s Technology division called the People Lab to bring science to people practices. Sarah spent a decade in academia researching human behavior and personality, and has a bunch of publications that she’s pretty sure have only been read by her mom.