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The Sass Way would not be possible without the generous submissions of so many amazing folks from the Sass community. We welcome contributions from our readers! You can submit articles or news items using the process outlined below. Bug fixes and edits are also encouraged.


To submit an article for publication on, here's the suggested process:

  1. Message @TheSassWay on Twitter to confirm that the topic you have chosen will be suitable for our readers
  2. Fork the repository
  3. Add a new article to the source directory of your fork.
  4. Commit your changes
  5. Submit a pull request


If you have news about Sass or Compass, tweet at us on Twitter (mention @TheSassWay) or create a new issue on GitHub.

If you choose to submit an issue, title the issue appropriately and include an 140-character description that is easy to tweet.

Appropriate news items are:

  • A new library or tool for Sass or Compass
  • A tutorial or story about Sass from your own blog
  • A cool Sass demo that you've built
  • Announcements about new Sass books, conferences, etc...
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