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@@ -10,19 +10,16 @@ below. Bug fixes and edits are also encouraged.
To submit an article for publication on [][1], here's the suggested
-1. [Fork the repository][2]
+1. Message [@TheSassWay][2] on Twitter to confirm that the topic you have chosen will be suitable for our readers
+2. [Fork the repository][3]
2. Add a new article to the `source` directory of your fork.
3. Commit your changes
4. Submit a pull request
-We recommend that you also message [@TheSassWay][3]) on Twitter before starting
-to make sure that the topic you have chosen will be appropriate for our
## News
If you have news about Sass or Compass, tweet at us on Twitter (mention
-[@TheSassWay][3]) or [create a new issue][4] on GitHub.
+[@TheSassWay][2]) or [create a new issue][4] on GitHub.
If you choose to submit an issue, title the issue appropriately and include an
140-character description that is easy to tweet.
@@ -36,6 +33,6 @@ Appropriate news items are:

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