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Jolie code examples presented for the hands-on experience session "Microservices all the way down". Presented at the MADE18, XP2018 co-located workshop.

For the introduction slides used in the demo, please to Introduction to Jolie

Brief outline of the content of the repo:

  • 001_client_server:
    • introducing interfaces
    • deployment/behaviour division
    • input and output operations (OneWays)
  • 002_calculator:
    • custom types
    • multiple inputports (using different protocols, e.g., a binary protocol like sodep and a request-response protocol like http)
    • input and output operations (RequestResponse)
    • making an always-on server: concurrent execution
    • sequential and parallel composition
    • interface evolution (add new operations to existing interfaces)
    • mutually-exclusive composition of operations (input-guarded choices)
  • 003_architecture:
    • definition of a "complex" microservice: a circuit breaker
    • composition of the circuit breaker as a service in the calculator
  • 004_IoT
  • example of usage of IoT-related protocols in Jolie: IoT-devices as microservices. To execute the code, use the beta version of Jolie for IoT, called JIOT