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This is my personal XMPP bot made mostly for controlling XBMC on my Raspberry Pi. I find the videos, seek, info, bookmark, and resume commands to be very handy. This is tested on RaspBMC, OSMC, Ubuntu, and Windows 7, but should work on anything that runs python if you resolve the dependencies. Sibyl imports chat commands from python files in the directory specified by the cmd_dir config option, which by default is cmds. This repository comes with several plugins that most uers should find useful. For command explanations and other info check out the wiki.


REQUIRED: You'll need the following installed in order to use sibyl:

  • python - currently only python2
  • requests - HTTP request and wrapper library - pip install requests
  • dns - required for requests - pip install dnspython
  • protocol dependencies - visit the pages for your desired protocol(s)

OPTIONAL: Most users will also want some optional packages:

  • smbc - samba (not available on Windows) - pip install pysmbc
  • lxml - xml and html parsing - pip install lxml
  • JSON-RPC - you have to enable the web server in XBMC (see below)

The following is required for the tv command from the general plugin:

Sample one-liners for Ubuntu/Debian (not including protocol dependencies):

  • sudo apt install python-requests python-smbc python-lxml python-dnspython
  • sudo pip install requests pysmbc lxml dnspython


Setup is very easy, all you really have to do is make a config file.

  1. Clone the repository with git clone https://github.com/TheSchwa/sibyl.git
  2. Install dependencies (see above)
  3. Enter the sibyl directory and copy sibyl.conf.default to sibyl.conf
  4. Edit sibyl.conf and set protocols as well as options required for those protocols
  5. If you want the bot to join a room set rooms
  6. Start the bot with python run.py
  7. For a full explanation of config options, see sibyl.conf.default or the wiki

If you'd rather not have comments cluttering your config, you can use sibyl.conf.example instead of sibyl.conf.default or start from a blank file.


Sibyl interfaces with XBMC using its JSON-RPC web interface. In order to use it, you must enable the web server in XBMC (see the link in the Dependencies section). Therefore, for xbmc plug-in commands, the bot does not actually have to be running on the Pi. It just needs to be able to reach the Pi's HTTP interface. The library plug-in commands, however, do assume the bot is running on the same box as XBMC. Plesae note the port on which the web server is running when you activate it. For example, you might set xbmc.ip = in the config.


Sibyl uses the cec-client bash script to give commands over HDMI-CEC to an attached TV. This should be installed on most Pi distros by default. If not, debian derivatives can install with sudo apt-get install cec-client. For the CEC commands to work, the bot must be running on the Pi itself. Also note that cec-client may not be found depending on your environment. On my Pi it's located at /home/pi/.xbmc-current/xbmc-bin/bin/cec-client. Depending on your distro, the user running Sibyl might need to be a member of the videos group or similar to run cec-client.

Search Directories

You can add folders to library.video_dirs and library.audio_dirs in order to search them using the search, audio, audios, video, and videos commands. You can add the following as list items:

  • local directory, example: /media/flashdrive/videos
  • samba share as server,share, example: mediaserver,videos
  • samba share as server,share,user,pass, example: mediaserver,videos,pi,1234

Also be aware that users cannot read sshfs mounts from other users by default. If this is a problem with your setup, you have to specify sshfs -o allow_other ... when you mount the share. For more info visit the library plugin.

Init Script

For Debian and derivates I include an init script, init/sibyl.init and the actual execution script sibyl. You will have to change the DAEMON variable in sibyl.init to the absolute path of sibyl.sh. You have to rename sibyl.init to sibyl and place it in /etc/init.d for compliance with Debian's init system. To enable auto-start on boot, run sudo update-rc.d sibyl defaults.

Systemd Service

Many systems have recently switched to systemd. Simply copy init/sibyl.service to /etc/systemd/system/sibyl.service and modify the ExecStart line to point to run.py and make sure run.py is executable (e.g. chmod +x run.py). Finally, run sudo systemctl enable sibyl.

NOTE: If you're not from the US, you might have to change the LANG setting in the Environment line.

More Info and Troubleshooting

There is a great deal of information on the wiki. Also see the Troubleshooting page and Commands page.

Contact Me

If you have a bug report or feature request, use github's issue tracker. For other stuff, you can join my Sibyl XMPP room sibyl@conference.jahschwa.com, the IRC channel chat.freenode.net#sibyl, our matrix room #sibyl:terracrypt.net, or contact me at haas.josh.a@gmail.com.