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Slides and video for my talk @ Reliable Web Summit (2021)

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Slides for my talk @ Reliable Web Summit (2021) titled Knowing Your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Hosted on Netlify and built using GreenwoodJS with the greenwood-starter-presentation theme pack plugin. Video recording available on on YouTube.

To operate the deck in full screen, click the "Presenter mode" button and use the left and right arrows keys to navigate through the slides. Hit ESC to exit presenter mode.

Running Locally

If you would like to run this project locally

  1. Have NodeJS LTS installed (or nvm use if you have nvm installed)
  2. Clone or fork this repo
  3. Install dependencies
    $ npm ci
  4. Start the server!
    $ npm start

You can now run the deck by opening localhost:8080 in your browser.


Slides and video for my talk @ Reliable Web Summit (2021)