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A minimal command line todo list created using Python and MongoDB
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A minimal command line todo list built with Python and MongoDB

Mongo + Python

Living in the command line is blissful. Keeping your things together sometimes isn't. Track your tasks and deadlines with this command line app built with Python and MongoDB


Installing Python libraries

This project uses pipenv to manage dependencies, so make sure you have pipenv installed.

pip install pipenv

Clone this repository

git clone

Use pipenv to install the dependencies

pipenv install

Install dependencies using pip instead

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

Create an executable file from the file

cd pytodo/pytodo
cp script
sudo chmod +x script

Add the following line in .bashrc file after replacing CLONED_REPO_PATH with the absolute path to the cloned repository.

alias pytodo='python3 <CLONED_REPO_PATH>/pytodo/script

Installing MongoDB

Download the required MongoDB package the package repository.

For Ubuntu, run the following commands

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y mongodb

For Fedora users, run the following commands

Configure the dnf repository

sudo vi /etc/yum.repos.d/mongodb.repo

Install Mongodb

sudo dnf update
sudo dnf install mongodb-org 

Start the Mongodb service

sudo systemctl enable mongod.service
sudo systemctl start mongod.service

For Arch users, run the following commands

Aur package at mongodb 4.2.1-1

Creating a local database

Start the mongo shell and create a new database with two collections to store the todos and Configurations

use todo-app

Using the TODO application

To view the list of commands to use the todo application type

pytodo -h

Community Channel

Join the converstaion on Gitter

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