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Repository for the release 'Half Live for Conditional Records'

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co34pt - Half-Live for Conditional Records


This is a repo containing all of the code and samples used to create the Conditional Records release 'Half-Live for Conditional Records'. It was initially an attempt to create some small, condensed tracks based on material I use during live sets, exemplifying particular 'sounds' I was used to drawing upon.

I created some code drafts that I improvised with and recorded a few times to get a feel for them, and then tried to 'perform' them in five minutes or less each to get something that sounded more polished.

This didn't work. I didn't like the five minute tracks and I was forcing those techniques into a format they weren't designed for.

I instead decided to pick three of my favourite recordings of those drafts and use them for the release.They're not the cleanest recordings technically or sonically, but I think they work way better than any attempted distillation I tried.

The code in this repo can be run in a similar way to my other projects howto_co34pt_liveCode and HSPTLFLDHS repos: run the code Setup.scd file in the Setup folder, and then the code in the trackDrafts folder can be run. There are also some loadRelative lines at the top of each track which will do the same thing.

The .scd files supplied are designed to be run in order, with each block or line being a change in the music. It might not sound exactly like the tracks on the record as there's a lot of randomness involved in creating the music, and the files themselves are a reconstruction of draft performances.

  • sinesTrack.scd is track 1
  • AcidTrack.scd is track 2
  • raveTrack.scd is track 3

I try to use permissively-licensed samples and release my code wherever possible in a way that is useful.

Get in touch on twitter (@theseanco) or via email theseancotterill at live period com if you have any questions/comments.

Open a pull request if there's any glaring issues.

More samples needed

In order to run this repo in full, You will need to download these samples and place them in the samples/set1/breaks175 directory, as their license prevents me from sharing them here:

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Repository for the release 'Half Live for Conditional Records'






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