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Release 1.26.0 (unreleased)

  • Fix Issue #95: Update Parser to work with PHP 8.0's new tokens
  • Raise build requirement to PHP 7.2+ and PHPUnit 8.5; No change for runtime Version, so 5.3 is still supported

Release 1.25.9

  • Merge PR #89: Throw an exception if the template file cannot be read
  • Update ConsoleTools, Fixes #91 - Zeta Components ConsoleTools uses PHP syntax deprecated in PHP 7.4

Release 1.25.8

  • Fix Regression #92: PHPAB 1.25.7 generates broken PHAR for PHPUnit

Release 1.25.7

  • Fix: Static require or compile lists now properly process pathes relative to and above the base directory

Release 1.25.6

  • Fix: Add lib- prefixed dependencies in composer.json to ignore list

Release 1.25.5

  • Merge PR #86: Restore PHP 5.3 compatibility [Remi]

Release 1.25.4

  • Ensure include/exclude filter gets applied also in composer.json mode when files are explicitly set
  • Ensure files do not get processed multiple times in case composer.json has duplicate definitions in autoload section

Release 1.25.3

  • Fix #83: Error with recursive Composer dependencies

Release 1.25.2

  • Fix Parser to ignore "inline" use of keywords class, interface and trait

Release 1.25.1

  • Merge PR #81: Fix PHP 7.3 warnings [Remi]

Release 1.25.0

  • Add support for generating static files to use for opcache warming (-w, optionally with --reset)
  • Minor internal cleanup

Release 1.24.1

  • Merge PR #78: Restore PHP 5.3 compatibility [Remi]

Release 1.24.0

  • #77: Change duplicate detection to collect all rather than exit on first

Release 1.23.0

  • Add support for parsing code containing anonymous classes (PHP 7)
  • Some internal code cleanup

Release 1.22.0

  • Merge PR #73: no cs/ci dir for static tpl [Remi]
  • Merge PR #74: auto add suffix to (short) template name [Remi]

Release 1.21.0

  • Added --hash option to explicitly choose hash algorithm for phar generation (defaults to best available)

Release 1.20.3

  • Merge PR #68: return parent dir when 2 dirs have a common prefix
  • Merge PR #67: don't use 'vendor' in test suite
  • Some internal code cleanup

Release 1.20.2

  • Merge PR #66: fix PathComparator when 0 in path [Remi]

Release 1.20.1

  • Fix issue #65: Trait sorted after using class when --static is used
  • Fix issue #63: Workdirectory included as subdirectory in phar archive (Regression as of 1.19.0)

Release 1.20.0

Release 1.19.2

  • Remove debugging artefact

Release 1.19.1

  • Fix regression since 1.15.0: paranoid and trusting mode handling was switched

Release 1.19.0

  • Fix filenames via CLI to actually work [Remi]
  • Changed default basedir to be based on the output file rather than the directory to be scanned [Remi]

Release 1.18.0

  • Allow filenames as source instead of only allowing directories (this also fixes composer classmap issues)

Release 1.17.0

  • Added support for parameter 'prepend' of spl_autoload_register to allow for prepending without changing templates
  • Added support for parameter 'exception' of spl_autoload_register to optionally disable exceptions on errors

Release 1.16.1

  • Fix minor issues with composer.json handling
  • define date.timezone to avoid warning (in buildystem) [Remi]
  • Pear installation now deploys as phar

Release 1.16.0

  • Added whitelist/blacklist filter for classnames/namespaces
  • Ensure ext/fileinfo is loaded

Release 1.15.1

  • Fix regression for sorted static require lists

Release 1.15.0

  • Added support for composer.json parsing
  • Added (optional) caching
  • Added explicit wildcard support for directory name matching
  • Changed error messages on unit redeclarations
  • Some code cleanup and refactoring of internals

Release 1.14.2

  • Fix Trait handling in PHP 5.3
  • Changed file type for phpunit.xml.dist in pear package

Release 1.14.1

  • Providing --alias in phar mode now sets PHAR accordingly
  • Updated DirectoryScanner to 1.3.0

Release 1.14.0

  • Added support for PHP 5.5's classname::class constant to parser

Release 1.13.1

  • Fix Regression, make composer installs work again

Release 1.13.0

  • Added alias support to phar mode building

Release 1.12.0

  • Added composer support (Thanks to HCO)
  • Made parser code more robust to not crash on invalid names

Release 1.11.0

  • Added support for symlinks (Thanks to Jan Peterson)

Release 1.10.3

  • Support empty indent
  • Fixed Trait parsing

Release 1.10.2

  • Fixed mode flag handling on phar mode

Release 1.10.1

  • Various regression fixes after internal cleanup
  • Use git version info for development checkouts

Release 1.10.0

  • Added multi directory support
  • Added compression support to phar mode
  • Added support for openssl key signing of phars
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