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ansi is an Ink library for printing with ANSI escape sequences. demo screenshot


ansi functions and constants return a string value. For cursor movements, simply pass the constant to the out() builtin to send the signal to the terminal. For color output, use the styled text string the way you would use any text string; you can concatenate them to other strings and print them out with out() or std.log.

For example, out(ansi.ClearLine) will clear the current terminal output line, and log((ansi.BoldRed)('bold red text')) will output a line of bold, red text saying bold red text.

Cursor movement

ansi provides the following cursor movement APIs.

  • Backspace moves the cursor back a single column
  • MoveCursor(x, y) moves the cursor to column x of line y on the screen
  • MoveColumn(x) moves the cursor to column x on the current line, and is useful for overwriting parts of lines
  • Home moves the cursor to position 0, 0 on the screen, and is equivalent to MoveCursor(0, 0)
  • Reset moves the cursor to column 0 of the current line, and is equivalent to MoveColumn(0)
  • Clear clears the current terminal screen, and moves the cursor to Home
  • ClearLine clears the current output line, and moves the cursor to start of line (like Reset)
  • ClearLastLine is like ClearLine, but clears the previously printed line, useful for overwriting a line that was printed ending with a newline character

Text styling

ansi provides a style(weight, color) higher order function to style text being output to a terminal. You can use with the weight and color constants in the library to make any text coloring function you need. You can use it like

ansi := load('ansi')
style :=

` create a coloring function `
alert := style(ansi.Weight.Bold, ansi.Color.Red)

` use the function `
log(alert('danger: you are about to do something bad!'))

For ergonomics, the library also comes with the following default shorthand coloring functions:

Black := style(Weight.Regular, Color.Black)
Red := style(Weight.Regular, Color.Red)
Green := style(Weight.Regular, Color.Green)
Yellow := style(Weight.Regular, Color.Yellow)
Blue := style(Weight.Regular, Color.Blue)
Magenta := style(Weight.Regular, Color.Magenta)
Cyan := style(Weight.Regular, Color.Cyan)
White := style(Weight.Regular, Color.White)
Gray := style(Weight.Regular, Color.Gray)

Bold := style(Weight.Bold, Color.Reset)
BoldBlack := style(Weight.Bold, Color.Black)
BoldRed := style(Weight.Bold, Color.Red)
BoldGreen := style(Weight.Bold, Color.Green)
BoldYellow := style(Weight.Bold, Color.Yellow)
BoldBlue := style(Weight.Bold, Color.Blue)
BoldMagenta := style(Weight.Bold, Color.Magenta)
BoldCyan := style(Weight.Bold, Color.Cyan)
BoldWhite := style(Weight.Bold, Color.White)
BoldGray := style(Weight.Bold, Color.Gray)

Dim := style(Weight.Dim, Color.Reset)
DimBlack := style(Weight.Dim, Color.Black)
DimRed := style(Weight.Dim, Color.Red)
DimGreen := style(Weight.Dim, Color.Green)
DimYellow := style(Weight.Dim, Color.Yellow)
DimBlue := style(Weight.Dim, Color.Blue)
DimMagenta := style(Weight.Dim, Color.Magenta)
DimCyan := style(Weight.Dim, Color.Cyan)
DimWhite := style(Weight.Dim, Color.White)
DimGray := style(Weight.Dim, Color.Gray)


Ink library for printing with ANSI escape sequences







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