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Portal for finding study partners on campus, matched by class and availability
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Studybuddy helps university students find classmates to study with.

Studybuddy Screenshot

Studybuddy is still in the alpha phase, and is more a proof of concept and less a production app. Lots of things are not scalable, and lots of things are changing pretty rapidly (including the database schema, which is why we roll custom for now).

Setup and installation

Studybuddy is a Nodejs and Express app. To run your own instance:

  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Install NPM dependencies. If you use yarn, you can run yarn install to install based on the provided lockfile. Otherwise, npm install will work just fine.
  3. The app needs a secrets.js file in the root folder of the project with configuration variables to do some of its authentication / email automation magic. Here's a breakdown of an example:
    // secrets.js
    module.exports = {
        // Domain at which the app runs.
        // This will be used to redirect from Google's authentication page
        AUTH_HOST: 'http://localhost:5050',
        // Authentication redirect URL path. `/auth/google/redirect` should work just fine.
        AUTH_REDIRECT_URL: '/auth/google/redirect',
        // Google OAuth API keys
        // You can get these keys at Google Developer Console by creating a new app
        CLIENT_ID: '<put your OAuth API key here>',
        CLIENT_SECRET: '<put your secret key here>',
        // This is a random , persistent key used to generate cookies used
        //  in the authentication process. Pick any sufficiently random string.
        COOKIE_KEY: '<your cookie key>',
        // Mailgun API keys -- get them at for free (with a domain)
        //  These keys aren't needed for you to use the rest of the app, but
        //  having incorrect keys will make your email requests error in production.
        MG_DOMAIN: '<your mailgun domain>',
        MG_API_KEY: '<your mailgun API key>',
        // If you're running a development version, setting this to true
        //  will disable real emails from being sent during testing.
        // This is `false` by default.
        DEVELOPMENT: true,
  4. Start the app with yarn start or npm start!

The app should persist database data to /db/db.json and session data to /db/sessions/ by default. Modify them in config.js to change them.


If you'd like to contribute new features, file bugs, or implement some of the TODO features above, please fele free to put in a PR or file an issue!

TODOs and planned features and bugfixes can be found at

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