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Sistine 🏰

Sistine is a simple, flexible, productive static site generator written in Ink and built on Merlot’s Markdown engine. You can see a live demo of a Sistine site on the Sistine docs website.

A screenshot of the Sistine docs site, built with Sistine


Sistine's documentation lives on its own website at There, you'll find information on how to install and use Sistine, as well as a detailed reference for its templating language.


This repository technically contains two projects. First, the Ink source code for the Sistine static site generator; and second, the documentation site for Sistine, which is generated by Sistine itself from assets in this repo. Both parts of this repository uses a Makefile to manage common build commands.

Sistine, the tool

Sistine's source code mostly lives in ./src, with vendored dependencies copied into ./vendor. Tests for Sistine utilities are in ./test.

  • make check or make t runs all tests in the repository.
  • make fmt or make f formats all Ink files (including tests) in the repository, if you have inkfmt installed.

Sistine, the website

The Sistine documentation website is a normal Sistine project, living in this repository. The repository is set up with Vercel so that contents of ./public auto-deploys on every commit to main. Other parts of the website, like the content pages and templates, are set up exactly as a normal Sistine project, in ./content and ./tpl respectively.

  • make will run the in-repository copy of Sistine to build the documentation site to ./public.

Contributing & reporting issues

Given that it's currently quite slow and written in Ink, you probably shouldn't use it for anything important. But if you are interested, and want to ask questions about how it works or what's coming next, feel free to reach out on Twitter or file a GitHub issue.


A simple, flexible, productive static site generator written entirely in Ink








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