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A URL shortener / note sharing service, running at


To start zone:

  1. Make sure you have npm installed, and install dependencies with npm install or yarn install
  2. Create a .env file with your global password (see below note), PASSWORD=<some sha256 hash>
  3. npm start or yarn start to start the server.

Note on a global password and spam prevention

I wrote this app a while ago, and still run it in production for my personal use at It used to be open for anyone to use, but I started running into problems with spam, with scammers trying to use this redirector to mask their real domains. This is obviously problematic in many ways, but I didn't want to add a fully-fledged auth system to the app, so for now I've set a global secret password, defined in a .env file, so that only those with that single password can edit the link shortener database.

It's not an elegant solution, but it took a few minutes and worked for me, without adding any complexity.

This means that, if you want to run this on your own, you also either need to set a PASSWORD in an .env file, or remove the global-password-checking logic from src/main.js (grep for isAuthorizedUser).


  • Avoid sanitizing dangerous HTML tags if they're rendered inside code snippets. This may require is to restructure our sanitizer so we sanitize on render and not save.
  • Ability to see all created uris and notes as links under one page (/all), password-authenticated


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