Materialized Path plugin for Kohana ORM
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class Kohana_ORM_MP extends ORM {
	protected $max_level = 32;

	readonly $children;
	readonly $siblings;
	readonly $descendants;
	readonly $parent_ids;
	readonly $parent_id;

	readonly $roots;
	readonly $root;
	readonly $parent;
	readonly $parents;

	function is_root();
	function has_children();
	function is_leaf();
	function is_descendant (ORM_MP|int $target);
	function is_child      (ORM_MP|int $target);
	function is_parent     (ORM_MP|int $target, $full_path = false);
	function is_sibling    (ORM_MP|int $target);

	function load_tree(int $id = null);
	function save(Validation $validation);
	function insert (ORM_MP $target = null, Validation $validation);
	function move   (ORM_MP $target = null);
	function set_position(int $position = null);

	function delete_branch();
	function get_child($id);

	// Details :

	/** is_parent :
	 * if full_path is sets to true - will check all parents
	 * else - only closest. it is equals to :
	 * $target->is_child($this)      if $full_path == false
	 * $target->is_descendant($this) if $full_path == true
	/** load_tree:
	 * call this if you want to work with descendants
	/** save:
	 * saves element as root
	/** insert:
	 * saves element as root, or as child of $target
	/** get_child:
	 * returns the child with some id, or null



All root elements:



$cat_15 = ORM::factory('Category', 15)->load_tree(  );
$cat_15 = ORM::factory('Category'    )->load_tree(15);

Root of element:



$cat_15->move(ORM::factory('Category', 21));



Create root:


Create leaf:

	->insert( ORM::factory('Category', 40) );

You can use ID as target instead of object:


Outputs :

function r_render(Model_Category $category) {
	$result = "";
	foreach ($category->children as $child) {
		$sub_list = r_render($child);
		$result  .= "<li><b>{child->title}</b> {$sub_list}</li>";
	return "<ul>{$result}</ul>";
echo r_render($category);


when depth reach $max_level all elements will be added to parent of such deep element.
E.g., when $max_level equals 32
"Foo" is closest parent to "Bar" and "Foo" has 31 parents;
If we try to add "Lua" to "Bar", it will be added to "Foo"
because $max_level reached. but it is rare situation