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Mcollective agent allowing you to run arbitrary shell commands and get back their output
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shellcmd agent for mcollective -- run arbitrary shell commands

shellcmd is licensed under the GPL, see the file COPYING for more information.

shellcmd agent is a very simple agent for running arbitrary shell commands on your mcollective machines.


  • Grab it from github:

    git clone git://
  • Copy shellcmd.rb to the mcollective agent directory on all of your mcollective-managed machines.

  • On your client machine, install the mc-shellcmd control script by

renaming it to shellcmd.rb and putting it in the application directory

  • Test it:

    mco shellcmd 'echo i execute therefore i am'

Do you really want to run the command echo i think therefore i am unfiltered? (y/n): y EXITCODE:0 STDOUT:

i think therefore i am EXITCODE:0 STDOUT:

i think therefore i am

Finished processing 14 / 14 hosts in 663.52 ms


See the Issues page on github for more:


Joe Miller, <>, 9/13/2010 Joe McDonagh, <>, 2012-08-16

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